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General Information

Name: Lu Xir Ti (Luxirti)

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 210lbs
Medium Brown almost russet colored with a light cream for her white coloring. My fur pattern is mostly the darker shades with the belly, bands on my upper thighs, upper biceps, neckline and face in a very light tan/cream color, not the clean white usually thought of. My hair is long and to my mid-back when down and a darker shade of the brown than my body fur. I have the scarred brand of a Tiger's Face on palm of my right paw.

Currently I am finishing out a contract with Stormwind as a Freelance Troubleshooter specializing in recovery and retrieval of personnel.
Prior to my contract with Stormwind, I worked Freelance with commissions paid upon successful recovery. Prior to my arrival to the Kingdoms, I was an Archer and Hunter in the service of the Shado-Pan, with a Graceful Release From Duty with that organization. Prior to my Service with the Shado-Pan, I operated a Hunting Guide Service with my Father around the Pandaren Provinces. Specializing in the removal of Dangerous Game, but also providing Trade Craft items such as foodstuffs, furs, leathers and other such items for merchants.

Education: Archer learned from two Grand Master Bowmen, Kyong Ti and Quay Yin Ti, Proprietors of Ti Hunting and Taming Services. 15 year Service under the tutelage of the Temple of the Shado-Pan, from Acolyte to final rank of Jinhu or Gold Tiger as both Instructor and Student. Specializations in Ranged Combat, Stealth, Tracking, Taming of Beasts, Beast Lore, Secondary Training in Unarmed Combat and stabbing melee weapon skills. Shado-Pan training required skills in written and spoken languages of Pandaria, this training assisted in learning to Read and Write Common as well as minor ability to understand some of the Spoken Elvin Languages as well as some Orcish upon my arrival to the Kingdoms.

Skills: I am skilled in the recovery of trade craft materials from animals and beasts. Skilled in the crafting of items from the hides of beasts and animals. Skilled in animal care. Skilled in the art of Kite flying, both ornamental and fighting kits. Other hobbies include Map Making, Calligraphy, and Nectar Producing Insect Keeping.


Demeanor: Lu is confident and casual in her demeanor. She is difficult to rile and very patient. She is used to the hunt and stalk, requiring to stay for great lengths of time in a single place. She can seem to be in a meditative state at times when she has been sitting in one place for a length or time. She is at peace with her environment, whether Urban, Rural or Wild. She refers to women as "Miss", an affectation passed down from her mother.

Weaknesses: Slavery. She has a very consuming hatred of the slave trade. Her and her Father often came across the results of the slave market in Pandaria while out hunting, and then when she joined the Shado-Pan she was often sent to track down Slavers and the destruction she saw became her own personal torture. She also has no desire to return to Pandaria. Her Husband is still in the Shado-Pan and she resents that he "Moved on and Remarried" another of the Shado-Pan very shortly after he misreported her death.

One Or Two Memorable Traits: She prefers to refer to people by their title "Would the Commander like a cup of tea" or "What do you have to sell today friend Merchant?" Outside of Game Mechanics, she feels there are two trains of thought when it comes to armor. Soft leather is for Hunting and everyday use. Hard Mail armor is for Battle Style combat, either defending from a battlement, or in ranks on the battlefield, situations where movement is not a priority, but secondary. ((If it were not for game mechanics, she would be in Leather Armor all the time rather than Mail.))

Personality: She is outgoing, prefers to speak and treat others with Honor. She is not a "Life of the Party" but tries to keep her demeanor approachable for others. She tries to speak with a smile when speaking with others.


Personal History: Lu's parents were both Master Archers who had fallen in love. Her mother specialized in the Mounted Longbow, and her father in the smaller bows. Shortly after meeting, they opened Ti Hunting and Guide service until Quay Yin became pregnant with Lu. After Lu's birth, her parents settled in the Valley near Half Hill as a base of operations. Her mother chose to stay at the home while Lu was too young to hunt and began a business of training animals for others. Sometimes they would get commissions for Trained Exotic animals that Kyong would capture and bring back for Quay Yin to train. Lu learned archery from her parents. Once Lu was considered old enough to attend the hunts, she took her mother's place in the field alongside her father.

When she was around 15, her and her father were on a commissioned hunt. They came across evidence of a Yongol raid near Townlong Steppes. While searching for survivors, a Shado-Pan unit came across them. Recognizing her Father, they impressed upon the two the need to track these raiders as soon as possible as one of the buildings in the village was the orphanage for the area and there were no signs of the cubs. Luxirti fought alongside the Shado-Pan when they caught up with the raiding party, even going so far as to take command of yaks in the middle of the fight and stampede them into the Yongols. This gave them the opportunity to grab the children and flee to safety. While her father drove the cart with the cubs in it, she defended them with her bowmanship. It was at this time she was approached to take the Trial of the Red Blossoms. She spent the next 15 years in the service of the Shado-pan where she met the man who would become her husband, Jhin Xu Tien.

In her last year of Service to the Shado-Pan, Jhin and Lu had been sent after a trio of criminals that had fled to the newly found "Kingdoms". The pair had tracked the criminals fled to Silvermoon, Jhin and Lu followed. When they tracked them to a tavern in the Murder Row. Jhin managed to escape the encounter, Lu on the other hand was severely injured and taken into Custody by the Blood Elves. Jhin returned to Pandaria, reported that the Criminals were killed along with Lu by the Blood Elves in the battle. The truth being one of the Criminals was killed, the other two were released through "Connections" and Lu was sent to prison pending a trial. While she was imprisoned, she learned some of the language of the Blood Elves as well as Common and Orcish from the prisoners and out of necessity to speak with the guards. Before her trial came about, the two she had hunted assassinated an important noble to Silvermoon. When she was again questioned about them, the Blood Elves realised their mistake and released her under guard to apprehend them. At this time she also learned that not only had Jhin returned and lied, but had remarried within a month of the official declaration of her death. Rather than returning to the Shado-Pan after securing the heads of the two remaining murderers, Lu asked to be released from the Service of the Shado-Pan. Her release was granted under the condition that she no longer used her married name and that she did not speak of the dishonor her husband had created for the Shado-Pan. Also that she would not return to Pandaria unless it was absolutely necessary.

Since that time she learned her way around the Kingdoms, and after her misfortune with the Blood Elves, she chose to ally herself with the Alliance. After some time as a Freelance Bounty Hunter, she signed on for a contract with Stormwind in hopes to regain some of the structure she had come to know with the Shado-Pan. Her contract caused her to go to Draenor where she has been doing what Stormwind needs done. She is not happy feeling like a small wheel in the giant machine that is the Stormwind Military.

Reason for Joining: She misses the Structure of a Military Organazation like the Shado-Pan. Life in Stormwinds Military so not what she was expecting. She was used to the small comradery of the Shado-Pan, their numbers being much much smaller than Stormwinds. She sees a chance to get this back from the Dragoons. Some of this is word of mouth, and some is periphery interaction with allies such as the Shrouded Dawn. In her research, one thing that really stood out about the Dragoons is Nore. She is female, young, and has a very loyal following. Lu sees that as someone who earned their posting through Merit, not through heavy handling or buyouts. She would rather serve under someone who commands from right next to their troops than someone who commands through their armchair.

((OOC Info

OOC info: My wife works from home, and her schedule can vary. This can have a direct impact on my availability, though I usually know ahead of time, there is a chance that I might be called upon in the middle of an event to drop what I am doing and go play husband.))