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Secret Meeting in the Plaguelands

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(Malavis the Insane)

As Istera approaches the abandoned site in the Eastern Plaguelands, she comes out of invisibility in her true Forsaken form. She sees the warlock in the distance, waiting and seemingly alone. The careful approach is finally made.

Raztak, a Draenei hunter, is lying in wait just outside of their visible range. He is using a cloaking device, as well as a communicator to keep tabs on the impending conversation.

Malavis raises his eyebrow as Istera approaches.

Istera remains composed and plainly states. "I have a preposition... hear me out."

Malavis carefully watches her movements and nods. "Sure, be on with it."

His guards are around, but not visible to Malavis and Istera talking. They are mostly in the hills with a few seeking to surround from the town side.

Istera continues. "Whatever you thought of me the last time we met, was false. I'm a mere Forsaken scientist, trying to get in close to the Alliance and Human operatives around the area. I've been pretending to be a Night Elf, attempting to heal the land."

Malavis studies her face. "Hmm, why should I believe you?"

"Lycandria has failed the league. Why would I stay under a failing cause?" Istera adds.

Raztak continues to prowl and sneak around, knocking out several of the Forsaken guards or snaring them in ice traps to keep them from moving.

Malavis nods unconvinced. "I simply needed to have one of its' members, however I knew she would become a problem. No one gives up one of their own easily..."

Istera does her best to keep him distracted, and walks a bit closer. "They don't know I'm here... not yet at least."

Malavis raises an eyebrow. "So does that mean you are going to inform them, and how would I know the difference?" He looks around momentarily and nods. His guards begin to scout the area for anyone that might have followed her.

Raztak grits his teeth and continues to keep out of sight. He sneaks around the guards, still knocking several out when they are alone and keeping his cloaking device active.

Istera leans back, trying her best to seem calm and calculated. "I'll help you stop them as well as tell you secrets of them. In turn, I want to know more about your test subject. Scientist to scientist. And you need not worry... I'm alone. You're just stressing yourself too much."

Malavis grins. "I won't deny that inside knowledge of the organization would prove most useful... But you see, I need to know I can trust you. One can never be too careful..."

"What do you need me to do?" Istera tilts her head.

"I know you are Forsaken, that much I can see." Malavis rubs his chin.

"Once a Forsaken, always a Forsaken. I was reborn again, and my past life means nothing." Istera nods. "Besides, the other Horde races don't even respect us... We are meant to be our own faction..." She trails off.

"Perhaps... but in order to prove yourself, I need you to perform a task. I need you to bring one of them to me and willingly kill them in front of me, since you seem to be in with both sides..." Malavis smirks. "Prove that the Alliance and the others mean nothing to you, then I will show you want you want to see."

Istera forces a smirk. "That would be easy... All I have to do is lead them to you." She rubs her hands together, lightly chuckling.

Malavis' guards seem weary of a spot near Raztak. Two guards enclose on his area.

Raztak quickly and silently moves out of the way, leaving behind two ice traps while remaining stealthed. He catches the two guards the moment they are out of sight of Malavis and Istera.

"Very good, bring one of them here in a few days time... I will be waiting." Malavis lightly cackles.

Istera holds up a finger. "Not so fast... In return, I want to learn and see your test subject."

"Oh you will, in time you will. Do this for me, and I will take you there." Malavis reassures.

Istera seems a tad apprehensive, but doesn't show it. "Then it is a deal."

Malavis reaches out his hand toward Istera, warm and radiating with heat. "Forsaken to Forsaken, you have my word." He finishes with an unsettling grin.

"I will see you soon, my friend." Istera smiles at Malavis. "The Forsaken shall prevail... We are meant to retake these lands." She inhales and takes his hand, prepared to attack or run if need be.

"The north shall fall, and the Forsaken shall reclaim what is ours." Malavis cackles.

"And then beyond!" Istera laughs maniacally, calming down a few seconds later. "Shadows guide you."

"And flames devour." Malavis adds.

"Ha, flames... I like you." Istera bows before him and walks away. She becomes invisible in the distance.

Raztak swiftly sneaks away from the area, remaining undetected all the way through.

Malavis grants one last grin as he thinks about what he might accomplish with this, and who it might fool.