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Saturday Hellfire Citadel, November 7th, 6:30 PM MST

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Continued advancement to the forces of Light! We are tacking two nights worth of second floor content this weekend, so bring your best! Note that daylight savings time has ended, so you may need to check your international clocks to be on time! 


 Janyice, Protection Warrior

 Alynore, Protection Paladin


 Rhiza, Restoration Druid

 Braghaman, Holy Paladin

 Darlain, Holy Priest

 Beagen, Discipline Priest

- Room for more!


 Dolraan, Retribution Paladin

 Nirahsa, Elemental Shaman

 Xavyru, Retribution Paladin

 Finkswitch, Combat Rogue

 Scotly, Feral Druid

 Telandrylia, Retribution Paladin

 Lycandria, Subtlety Rogue

 Neun, Frost Mage

- Room for more!


Running behind

I work a 13.5+ hour shift Saturday.  So Moon will be late at best since we close when raid starts. Tela will have best time frame of when I'll make it. 

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I might attend. Depends on

I might attend. Depends on how wiped out I am after work today.

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