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Evening on the Water

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(Lycandria Marilyn Ravenholdt)

As evening approaches, a small note sits on the counter of the Inn at the Ravenholdt League garrison. The note is clearly intended for Doran, since no one has seemed to touch it. Accompanying it is a bit of fishing line wrapped around a hook for effect.

He arrives at the counter and picks up the hook, inspecting it. He then looks down and reads the note, simply stating: “Meet me at the docks.” Slowly smiling, he turns to leave the Inn.

When he reaches the docks, he sees Lycandria near a small boat pulled on shore. There are a few fishing poles, a tackle box, and a small pack sitting inside the boat.

She smiles as he approaches. “I remember when we used to talk about how you loved to go out on the water and fish with your Pa, back when you were growing up in Gilneas.” She pauses for a moment. “Since tomorrow is a big day for us all, I wanted to do something fun with you. How would you like to go out on the water with me?”

He smiles back. "Yeah, I'd like that... Figure you're ready to go?"

She looks to the boat at the supplies and then back to him. "I think so, you ready?"

"Yeah, hop in." He smiles.

She hops into the boat and sits near the front. "Need any help pushing?" She raises an eyebrow.

He approaches the boat and sets himself to shove off, getting the boat off the bank. "Nooope."

She holds onto the sides of the boat, watching him with a bit of a smile.

He takes stormcrow form briefly and flaps onto the boat once it's free of the shore, minimizing the rocking before changing back to his human form.

After a moment, she speaks. "I figured this would be a good way to spend the evening, before this... operation in the plaguelands."

He grabs the oars and starts rowing with a smooth practiced motion out to deeper water. "Definitely worse ways to spend the evening."

"I remember you mentioning your father taking you out, so I thought why not?" She adds, turning to the side of the boat and watching the waves as he rows forward. She looks out at sea, then up at the stars. "It's always really pretty here in Shadowmoon."

"Yeah... Pa had his own proper sailboat. Gave him alot more options for fishing spots... Would've loved it here, falling asleep looking up at all those stars." He nods.

She slowly nods and smiles. "He sounds like a good man." She then leans over the edge slightly and traces her fingers along the water rushing by.

"Yeah... Taught me the value of hard work... family... and not just sitting by and waiting for something good to happen to you." He adds.

She sits back on the board at the front of the boat, facing back to him rowing at the rear. She then smiles and glances at the land around them.

After a brief silence, he speaks. "How've you been feeling lately?"

She looks back at him with a small smile. "I'm doing better I think. Trying to take things slow."

He nods. "That's good... How's things turning out with Curlaina?"

"She's really picking up everything well... I just hope if she needs a break, she will let me know... She does most of her work in the morning hours; done by lunchtime most days. Anything I have to handle she sets aside on my desk." She responds.

"I think that's a sentiment that applies to everyone... We aren't any good to anyone if we push ourselves too far." He adds.

She nods. "The trip to Darnassus really helped me alot. Kistra is a great friend, and the place is just... so beautiful." She pauses for a moment. "Got to take a dip in a moonwell." She smiles a bit.

He raises an eyebrow. "Uhhhhhh... who let you do that?"

"Well... it was out in a remote area. Me and Kistra decided to just because... And I don't get many chances to do things like that anyways, given how much I visit Kalimdor." She lightly sighs. "We 'probably' weren't supposed to... But..." She smirks.

"Given that they're sacred shrines to Elune... not so much. But... Kistra is a priestess of Elune... so... I mean I guess since she was with you?" He wonders.

She shrugs and smiles at him. "Just keep it on the down low." She says with a sly wink. She then looks down at the small pack next to her legs. "I brought a bit of honey mead, bourbon, and brandy for later... once we find a spot. And some bread if we get hungry."

He smiles and nods. "Alright... What are you in the mood to fish for?"

"Oh, anything I guess. You're the expert here." She smiles.

"Well, we'll see if we can snag up some sabrefish... Usually bout a foot long or more." He looks at her, and continues his rowing motion.

"That's a pretty decent sized fish." She pauses. "I hope I have a strong enough pole. I brought a few different ones."

"Yeah, they portion out really good for fish fries." He adds.

"Oh... Those sounds good." She smiles.

"I'll try and resist the urge to cheat..." He smirks.

"Cheat?" She smirks with an eyebrow raised.

He grins. "Oh all sorts of things... I could just dive over the edge... gather a dozen up as a sea lion and fling them into the boat... Put a bunch of them to sleep. All sorts of things."

She pauses for a moment, holding a smirk. "Well... maybe it will take those kinds of measures when you can't keep up with me."

He gives her a very dubious look. "Uh huh..."

"Hey, you just watch... You'll see." She grins.

"Ooookaaaaay..." He fires back.

She lightly giggles after a moment. "No, you will probably put me to shame. I'm just competitive like that... Crazy things happen too, you know."

"I suppose that's true... This is my first... new world. I never saw Outland." He adds.

"I barely saw much... Enough to get the hell back out of there." She says as they come into a moderately calm cove, with a bit of tree cover. She then looks up at the trees, watching the native birds hopping branches and chirping at each other.

"Seemed like alot of the Dragoons and Meddlers have had experience over there... I suppose it'd really motivate them from having it happen here." He continues. "Can't imagine how hard it is for the Draenei..."

She nods slowly. "Just what little I saw... I knew we couldn't let that happen again." She pauses in thought. "We may have to take a trip sometime and I'll show you... It's good to be reminded of why we fight every once in a while."

"If you had the choice... how would you rather have it?" He asks.

"Between the worlds?" She replies a bit confused.

He shakes his head. "Not really... Would you rather have lost... and then guard yourself against further pain by never seeing this Draenor? Or do you let yourself see and feel this place again, that you'd locked away as never being more than a memory... and tear that wound open again?"

She carefully considers for a moment. "For me... I think I would still choose the latter... At least knowing something could be saved in the end is worth the pain I would have endured. We can't really change the past, but we can always push to make a better tomorrow." She pauses and looks around before continuing. "I left the manor for those very reasons... I wanted to protect the things in the world I loved, instead of being confined to that life."

"I suppose it would be like mourning the death of someone... and moving on, knowing you'd never see them again. But then bam... there they are... Bet even a few of the Draenei here have had to deal with that... damn." He adds thoughtfully.

"It would be hard to confront, knowing that they don't have any idea what you know." She adds.

After a brief pause, he continues. "Maybe that's why we hardly see Sorya around..."

"It could be... I haven't really thought of that." She looks down thoughtfully a moment, glancing down at the fishing poles. She looks up and smiles. "Think this is a good spot?"

He carefully leans over the side and sticks his hand into the water, watching some of the clouds move overhead. "Yeah.. think this should work out alright."

She nods and scoots the tackle box closer to Doran, flipping the top open.

"I can't remember.. did you ever do much fishing?" He asks.

She passes a pole over to him, after he sets his oar down in the boat. "Not too much, but I did a few times out at the pond in the mountains, behind the manor... Most times, I was just happy to slip away unnoticed."

He readies up his fishing rod, and with a masterful flick of the wrist, sends his line out into the water.

She smiles as she watches him. "Someone's had practice..." She smirks a bit, and casts on the other side of the boat, not quite as masterful.

"Pretty much all my life. Right shame if you couldn't stab someone right." He smiles at her.

She lightly chuckles. "Yeah... I think I got that covered." She slowly reels her line back in, not catching a bite. She then recasts and sighs contently. "At least its a pretty night... Nice and cool too."

He nods and tugs on his line a few times, dragging a bit. He smirks after a moment.

She looks at him and gasps. "Already!?"

He continues to pull and reel up one of the local sabrefish, lashing about on the line.

She pulls in her line again with no bite. "Well that's not fair..." She smirks and turns to watch him.

He plops the fish down on the net that had been laid out, and preps up everything for another toss. "I try to be fair... but that has nothing to do with fishing." He smiles.

She casts her line back out, somewhat defiantly and playful. "This time I'll get it..." She smirks to herself.

"Maybe, maybe not... It's a patience thing. Catching fish is a side benefit on a trip like this." He adds.

"Yeah, I guess that's true... Doesn't mean I still don't want to beat you." She smirks back at him. She then reels in her line and casts again.

"Most people here are pretty competitive... Laina non-withstanding." He nods.

She slowly nods and finally feels a tug on her line. "Ha!" She stands up and begins to reel in as much as she can.

He takes a moment to watch her, hand over his mouth.

After a moment of struggle, she sighs deeply as her line snaps. She jolts back a bit, but catches herself with her back leg. "Dang..." She then glances over to him and smirks. "Don't say a word..." She teases.

"Swear on me mum." He smiles.

"Besides... If I can't catch a fish, I got some brandy with my name on it." She sits and smirks, pulling out a bottle of brandy and two small mugs. "Did you want some? I can get it ready for you. There is bourbon and honey mead too."

"Sure." He smiles.

"Which one?" She asks, setting the mugs down beside her on the seat, pouring the brandy in her mug.

"Mmm, surprise me." He replies, lazily dragging his line about.

She nods puts the brandy back in the pack, pulling out the bourbon and pouring it into the other mug. She then sets the mug beside him, but not too close. "I figured you'd like the bourbon." She smiles and takes a sip of her brandy, watching him fish.

He reaches down and enjoys the bourbon, reeling in a bit. "What do you think we'll be focusing on, once back in Azeroth?"

She thinks for a moment. "Well... hopefully not too much. It would be nice to have some time of peace for a change... but there is always the situation with Gilneas. I'm sure the factions will be back at each other's throats if nothing else."

"I don't know... I think it'll get better. Anything's better than what Garrosh did as Warchief." He adds.

"Yeah, that's for sure. But I still don't feel good about what Sylvanas is doing." She sips her brandy. "I worry for grandfather and the Wildhammers sometimes... But I know I can't do anything about it."

"Don't think anyone feels good about what she's doing... Deader Queen's gotta stay dead for good." He replies, reeling in and producing another fish.

"Perhaps the day will come sooner rather than later." She adds.

"Think it depends alot on when and where Dalaran finally decides to set down." He continues.

She nods and finishes off her brandy, looking down at the fish caught so far. "That should make quite a few fish sticks." She looks up and smiles at him.

"Well you know how it is... Boots on the ground deserve a decent meal." He nods and smiles.

"Especially your meals... Goodness." She is quick to add.

"Aim to please..." He smiles. "So... what's the deal with Sin? Or Zul?... Or... having two names confuses me."

"I'm not sure... I wish she would come back to us officially. She is supposed to be helping us tomorrow, along with Istera." She sighs for a moment. "It's a plan I don't feel too good about, but we will be right there with the provided distraction." She pauses in thought for a good while. "Tell me more about the days you went fishing with your Pa." She smiles at him.

He slowly smiles back. "Every day was like an adventure... Always felt like we could sail away like in a story book, and find pirates and treasure." 

She sits quietly and listens, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear with a smile.

"There's always so much rain in Gilneas... The air is heavy, some folk let it weigh down their hearts." He rubs at his chin and stares out at the water, quiet for a while.

She looks at him and speaks quietly. "You miss it?

"Yeah... miss him." He adds.

She slowly nods. "It's good to hear you had some nice memories... I bet he would be proud of you." She smiles a bit.

"Yeah... hope so..." He replies a bit somber.

"He ever cook too?" She asks.

"All the fish and other seafood, yeah... Totally unyielding on that topic." He nods, smiling a bit.

She carefully moves to the middle seat of the boat, stepping around the net and fish. She smiles at him. "I bet we can cook these up real nice for the crew back at the garrison... Might help if I could manage to catch a fish." She lightly chuckles.

"Yeah, it'll be good... You know your way 'round a boning knife yet?" He raises an eyebrow.

"Oh if it's knives, I've got you covered." She winks confidently.

"We'll see..." He smiles.

"Might have to be shown how you cut the flanks, but I can take it from there." She adds.

"Will be another patience, eye for detail thing... Just so you know." He replies.

She nods and smiles.

He continues after a brief pause. "You... really think this is going to pan out?"

"With Amelia?" She starts. "I feel pretty confident she will be there... I try to stay hopeful on that... and I certainly hope we can get this damn warlock in the process."

"You trust this guy who's giving you the information?" He raises an eyebrow.

She nods pretty confidently. "My mother trusted him with her life... They knew each other for a while."

"He say that?" He asks.

She looks off into the water for a moment, and responds quietly. "Mother mentioned it several times in her journals."

He nods. "Hoping for the best then..."

"Me too." She looks back up to him. "We will get her back."

His expression hardens for a moment. "Damn straight..."

"I want our priority to be getting Amelia back first, and if we have the means to get this warlock in the process, we certainly will... We have to really be ready for anything tomorrow." She sighs briefly and looks around. "We should probably be getting back. Need to have a good night's rest." She smiles over at him. "And we will have some fish for later this weekend."

"Yeah... that sounds nice." He smiles.

She takes his empty mug and gathers loose items on the boat, securing them for travel. "Bourbon good?" She asks facing away.

He grabs up the oars and starts steadily rowing back toward the harbor. "Yeah, was good... thanks."

"You're welcome." She smiles and sits back at the front to balance the boat.

Once they dock back at the garrison, she stands and begins to unload the boat.

"Well, this was nice... Don't know how many quiet nights we're gonna get going forward, especially after we get Amelia back." He starts.

She nods. "Yeah... It was nice to get out and do something different... I really needed that." She smiles up at him, setting the pack and tackle box on shore. "I think I can get the pack if you have the box."

"Yup, no problem." He smiles.

"Thanks for going with me... And have a good night." She gently hugs Doran with one arm.

"Yeah, you too. See ya tomorrow." He returns the hug.