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Hellfire Citadel NIght 1, Saturday November 21st, 6:30 PM MST

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It's been a few weeks, and I did promise, so we're doing a first floor night! Alts are welcome (though I reserve right to request mains be on standby).

Update: Bad news on my end, my boss has asked me to work late on Saturday to cover for the other phone operator so she can study for an upcoming test. Considering how much leeway I've gotten on days/time off, I'd be a fool to say no. As such, I won't be here for saturday's raid. Good luck!


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Look who's actually signing

Look who's actually signing up again instead of just showing up last minute.

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..Is it you... my friend..?

..Is it you... my friend..? It has been so very long...

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I -might- be around for this.

I -might- be around for this. But there's some "Lighting up 124th" event going down this night the Lai and I want to see. We'll just have to see how it goes!

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If the truth was re-writable
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We missed most of it last

We missed most of it last year! This time we're gonna go a lil' bit earlier.

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Sending in Zepharooni

Sending in Zepharooni

Probably taking a break for some time

I'm probably gonna take a break for some time. I have Hordies to work on (See me at WRA Hordeside!) as well as some other games like FF14. Yes, I finally got around to making an Au Ra after being skeptical. I might pop in here and there some weeks. Raiding is fun for me, but I must take it real casually. See you around!


Double post, yay.

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I wouldn't mind taking my

I wouldn't mind taking my druid if I can get her more geared prior to raid time, barring that, I'll be available to bring Neuny as always.


((Edit, didn't mean to reply to Nih!))