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The Aftermath: Behind Her Eyes

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(Lycandria Marilyn Ravenholdt)

Late Thursday night, after the Ravenholdt League Meeting...

When the two groups met back up at the main hall, they proceeded to the Inn to check on Amelia. Once everyone arrived upstairs, Doran entered first to make sure Amelia was awake and willing to see guests. Soon after, Skippio was sent in to see Amelia for the first time in months. Lycandria and the others followed shortly after.

After a few moments of Lycandria being in the room, Amelia notices and turns to her immediately. In a very short time frame, Amelia shifted into her worgen form and attacked Lycandria ferociously. Lycandria and the others were in shock, as she was thrown back against the wall and clawed. Amelia's companion Blindseer also jumped into the attack as commanded, as Electra, Skippio, Doran, and Derniv were attempting to stop them.

Lycandria's head was bashed and beaten against the wall, before Amelia finally clamped down on her left shoulder, biting hard. Lycandria was shaken and then eventually thrown back across the room, with her side landing on the corner of a large table, rolling to the floor. She remained bloody and broken on the floor for a short while, before passing out from the pain.

Everyone else worked tirelessly in order to contain the rage Amelia and Blindseer were exhibiting. Just about everyone was injured in some form or another, but the worst by far being that of Lycandria. Her injuries included a concussion, broken arm, broken ribs, and multiple gashes on her arms, legs, and torso.

As things started to settle down when Amelia and Blindseer were tranquilized, Curlaina came up to help Doran heal everyone. Doran focused on the injuries of Amelia, Blindseer, Electra, and Derniv, while Curlaina focused all of her effort on Lycandria. Both Amelia and Lycandria were moved to beds in separate rooms for their recovery, as well as bandaged and set on blood drips from the amount of blood loss.

After a few minutes later into the night, Lycandria began to show symptoms of a feral worgen bite. The league began to scramble and brainstorm a way to get her a cure or ritual as soon as possible. Lycandria remained unconscious throughout the night.


Lycandria rolls her head on the floor of the Inn, trying to process the pain and shock of the attack. Sounds and voices were fading, and the strength in her limbs and fingers following. She was losing blood at a rapid pace, broken and battered on the floor. Her eyes flutter for a moment, before her head finally turns and her eyes close. One last grunt leaves her lips, with a slow and struggling pulse.

Moments later once the scene had been secured, nurses and healers rush to attend the hurt; Curlaina and Doran among them. The Druids of the Talon from within the garrison also came in to provide any aid they could offer. Lycandria was carefully moved to the closest bed, and intensive healing was started. Once the wounds were closed enough to slow the bleeding, she was bandaged and set up for blood to be replaced.

Suddenly, Lycandria began to show symptoms of a feral bite. The druids quickly recommended the aid of the demigod Goldrinn in Hyjal, and the possibility to stop the manifestation of the curse before the form becomes irreversible. However, time was sensitive and they claimed she would likely only last until mid-day Friday; approximately twelve hours with the aid of their healing to slow the progression. Istera and a few of the druids were deployed to the Shrine of Goldrinn through her portal, in hopes of finding and bringing back what they needed to stop the curse in a timely fashion.

Lycandria slowly began to slip into a comatose stage, however within her mind tells of a different story...


Dark, hollow, and alone in the woods. The moon is high and howling can be heard in the distance. Lycandria finds herself laying on a bed of leaves on the ground, slowly getting to her feet. The air was heavy and hazy, and everything seemed damp and eerie. The wind gusts between the trunks of the forest, barren and unsettling.

Growls approach from the distance; the wolves were coming for her. Paws close in and rustle among the leaves. Lycandria runs in fear, turning into the darkness and hoping for a safe place to hide. Faster and faster she ran, but the wolves were gaining on her.

Suddenly she trips on a root near the base of a large tree, rolling to the ground and groaning in pain. She moves to get up quickly, only to see herself surrounded by the pack that was chasing her. She sighs and lays flat on the ground on her back, giving up. She had nowhere to go and this was it.

She closes her eyes as the wolves move in to claim her. She waited and waited... but something was different. They should have been there by now.


When Lycandria opens her eyes, she is no longer in the woods. She looks around to see her new environment. Somehow she was back at the room of the attack, but no one could see her. She was witnessing the scene from a whole new perspective. She then hears a voice not long forgotten... it was Beloric.

"It's nice to see you again." He says calmly.

She turns to him as tears fill her eyes. "Bel... you're here... but, you were taken... How is this..."

He quiets her. "It's okay, love. I have never strayed too far from your thoughts... and your heart." He then turns and smiles at her. "You have kept me here, and I will stay."

They both smile at each other and embrace, however she realizes that she can't remember his touch. It was absent despite what she saw. Their hands and arms connected, but it is nothing more than a mere shell of her memories. Too much time had passed.

She turns back to the scene, as Amelia attacks and throws her true self across the room. She leans down to gaze into her own face, filled with shock, pain, and fear.

She then looks back at Beloric. "Why are we here? Why must I see this?"

"We are here because you want us to be here." He responds.

Time advances to show Curlaina and the nurses and druids, as they pour into the room after Amelia and Blindseer had been contained. Lycandria is lifted to the bed and they begin to work on her.

"What did he do to her?..." She asks him.

"I fear this was always the plan... This warlock is bad news, love." He responds and turns to her. "He gave her back to you for a reason... This was her purpose, to kill you and destroy the league from within."

She looks over to her true self again, watching as the bite on her shoulder suggests something else is wrong. The infection slowly becomes apparent, as the others begin to shout about her condition. Doran comes over to her with a bit of panic.

She glances back at Beloric as Istera summons a portal in the background. "The bite... the wolves... what am I Bel? What have I become?... Am I a... worgen?" She grabs him fearfully, desperate for answers.

"They have gone to see if they can save you... The druids believe they can stop the worgen from manifesting within you, but I fear the curse will always remain." He says, attempting to reassure her.

"And if they fail..." She wonders.

He pulls her close and quiets her. "Shhh... Have faith in them love. They will not let their leader down."

She rests her face against his chest, wishing she could feel that long-lost touch he used to provide. She peers out at the aftermath of the attack. "We have to find him and stop him, Bel. We can't let this warlock continue with his plans... I'm afraid for everyone that still resides in the north... for the Wildhammers, and grandfather."

He gently combs through her hair and rocks her from side to side. "There will be a day Ly, but there is something else you need to know..."

She looks up to him with worry, moving a strand of his long hair from his face. "Yes?" She mutters softly.

"She is coming... She has returned." He responds.

"She... you mean..." She responds with a look of uncertainty.

He simply nods in a way she remembers vividly. Suddenly, a silhouette of Khasarah appears behind him and stabs through the chest. Blood pours from him as Lycandria falls backwards in horror.

Beloric speaks low and distressed. "You have to find me. You have to stop them both... They are coming."

She lunges forward towards him and the image of Khasarah, but suddenly the scene shifts to her falling through the floor of the Inn. She screams. "No! Bel! Wait! NOOO!!!" Her arms stretch out towards him desperately as she fades into the darkness.


She continues to fall into a pitch black abyss, until she reappears back in the dark forest and the wolf pack surrounding her. She sits up as the wolves growl at her ferociously, making their slow approach. Lycandria's eyes slowly gain their focus; a renewed fight filling her senses. Her hand searches the ground for something to defend herself, coming across a sizable branch buried in the dirt. The alpha wolf continues to close in on her from the front.


Meanwhile, a portal relapses back at the garrison as Istera and a few new druids return from the Shrine of Goldrinn in Hyjal by late morning. They make their way upstairs to Lycandria, with some kind of vial in their hands. As they enter the room, the nurses and healers make way for the druids to begin their work.


The alpha finally makes his daring attack, as Lycandria rips the branch from the dirt. She lets out a bellowing roar as she swings with all her might, slamming the branch into the alpha. The alpha whimpers for a brief moment, and then attempts to seize the branch from her grasp with his sharp fangs. Lycandria brings her elbow up to catch the alpha on the snout, grunting and fighting for her life.


The druids begin to channel their power, as Curlaina carefully lifts Lycandria's head enough to drink the vial. After the last drop is spent, Curlaina sets the empty vial aside and removes herself, letting the druids resume the ritual.


The alpha whimpers again, growling and barking at the others to attack. Lycandria notices the other wolves draw closer and attempts to get to her feet quickly. Two of the wolves look to pounce on her and bring her down, but one catches the swinging branch of Lycandria. The other lunges on her back and bites at her neck and shoulder, trying to rip and tear at the flesh.


The druids continue with the ritual, speaking over Lycandria in Darnassian as healing energy flows through her. The others in the room all watch and wait, hoping for the best for their leader.


The alpha regains himself and leaps at Lycandria. She suddenly spins as the wolf on her back bites down, yelling in pain. Blood gushes around the teeth of the wolf, trickling down Lycandria's chest. The alpha's bite is misplaced with the spin, clenching around the hind leg of the wolf on her back.


Curlaina notices the intense sweating from the fever of the infection, and tears a piece of cloth to dab Lycandria's forehead.


The wolf howls in pain, releasing the bite on Lycandria's shoulder and falling to the leaves. Lycandria reacts quickly to drive the branch down across the alpha's back. The alpha whimpers again, slumping to the ground as another wolf attempts to catch Lycandria off guard. She hears the wind shift and the motion of the wolf closing in, bringing her free hand around and bashing it against the wolf in flight.

The alpha takes advantage and clenches his fangs around her right ankle, attempting to drag her from her feet. Lycandria yells in pain and with all her strength, thrusts the point of her branch at the back of the alpha's skull. She repeats the attack several times until the alpha's grip loosens and the life leaves his body.

Lycandria turns to look at the other wolves as they snarl at her. She remains poised over the body of the alpha, and glares back at them. Two of the wolves remain motionless, while the others finally flee.


The druids finish their last portion of the ritual, as the glowing energy within Lycandria's body slowly fades. The druids then nod to each other as one places his hand on her lightly. He turns to Doran and nods. "It is done. I don't know when she will awaken, but remain ever watchful for the next few days. Call us again if you have need."

Doran returns the nod and thanks them.

The druids glance around the room at everyone and then leave the Inn, returning through Istera's new portal back to Hyjal.


Lycandria waits until the wolves are out of sight, glancing down at the branch and the alpha. She had done it; she had survived.

The branch falls from her grasp and she groans in pain, clearly shown on her face. She inspects her wounds and does her best to proceed through the forest, although she didn't know where to go.


Everyone at the Inn eventually go their separate ways, but a few linger a bit longer. Some to pray, some to watch, and some because they don't know what else to do. Aside from the curse itself, their leader was still fighting for her life, comatose and still.


As hours pass by, Lycandria stumbles through the forest. Eventually she notices a log cabin in the distance. A lantern was lit from one of the windows, perhaps showing her the way back home.