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Paying Rent

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“And that’s the latest,” Rhiswyn said, twirling a lock of brown hair around one finger. “I’ve got plenty more to do, but for now, you should be caught up.”

Alynore grunted a response and signed a form, setting it aside and picking up the next one. Rhiswyn frowned. “Were you even listening, Alynore?”

“You’ve been playing in the brains of various League members due to their recent issues, you’re following up on Cathedral issues because of that, you’ve got tabs on the Dawn’s situation through their cook, and then there’s your continued dalliances with some of my Dragoons. Yes, I can multitask.” The younger woman signed another sheet after scanning it, set it aside, and then looked up at Rhiswyn. “Was there anything else?”

Rhiswyn pursed her lips and pretended to think for a moment, just to be annoying. “Nothing comes to mind, dear; just paying my rent a bit early, since I might be out of town.” She smiled and smoothed her skirt as she stood.

“Of course; nothing more, as everyone knows we’d sooner drink demon piss than converse civilly.”

“Vulgar metaphors aside, it’s been most productive, and thank you for the tea.”

“Sure.” Alynore paused and looked up from her work. “Still think you’ve got an angle, though.”

Rhiswyn paused at the door and looked back, an eyebrow raised. “Angle, dear?”

“You come through the portals, strike a deal to rent a room and give me information…and want nothing in return. I just can’t imagine there isn’t a catch involved.”

“Three of the dearest people in my life are Dragoons, and I’m quite fond of several others. My ‘angle’ is continuing to keep them safe, dear. That’s all.”

“Uh-huh. And if your whelp comes back and makes a better offer?”

Rhiswyn smiled. “Well, that’ll be an interesting day.”

“I imagine it will. Have good trip to Highbank, Linder.”

“Let’s hope so, dear. DO try to have fun with that husband of yours; you need to relax. Ta-ta!”

Nore eyerolled and returned to her bookkeeping.