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Recovery and Revelations: "You Can't Save Everyone"

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(Lycandria Marilyn Ravenholdt)

As Doran enters the room upstairs of the Ravenholdt League Inn, he notices Lycandria sleeping soundly with a bit of hair in her face. He takes a seat in a chair beside the bed, setting a pitcher of fresh water down and a sweet roll, next to the pile of papers on the end table.

She smells the bread from her sleep, and hears the subtle creak from the wooden chair as he sits down. Her eyes flutter open, giving Doran a very slight smile from her pillow. She speaks quietly, if a bit muffled with flem in her throat. "Hey..."

"Hey... Sorry to wake ya'." He responds.

She clears her throat a bit. "No... no it's okay... smell's good." She leans up from her pillow, eyeing the roll on a plate. The bed covers on her arm slide. She winces a bit before she straightens the hair from her face.

"Feel up to it?... It's fresh." He asks.

She looks between the roll and him, and back again. "Yeah... might as well try it." She carefully sits up and winces a touch. "Ribs are still... ooo, tender." She holds her side.

He pours her some water and hands her the mug.

She takes the mug of water and gets a good drink before passing it back for the roll.

"Can help with a little of that soreness if you want." He offers.

"It might help." She takes a bite and closes her eyes for a moment.

"Give me a second to focus... so I can find the worst of it." He says before gently reaching over with his hand, placing it strategically over the ribs on her right side. He then starts channeling his druid healing.

She continues to eat the roll, but is watchful for a possible sharp pain to randomly hit her. She eventually sets the roll on the plate and looks down at his hand, suddenly finding herself fighting emotions in her head. She winces with a bit of pain, but it's quickly followed with soothing energy.

"Right spot?" He asks a bit concerned.

She looks her left arm over and notices how much better it feels. She then turns to nod at Doran. "Yeah... hurt for a moment." She responds as she finishes the last few bites of her roll. "It feels better already though."

She stretches her left arm out and clinches a grip, off and on. "My arm feels stronger again."

"That's good... Haven't needed to heal Amelia or Blind for a while, but I need to get a surgeon set up to open up Blind..." He adds.

She gives him a concerned look. "What's going on with him?"

"He's got just a sliver of that barbed arrow still in his lung... It's gotta come out." He responds. "I got the worst of it out during the night, when it happened."

She slowly nods. "His breathing still labored?"

"Yeah... and it's just that sliver. Once it's out, he'll be on the way to full recovery. But I ain't a surgeon..." He sighs.

"We might have to look in Stormwind, or ask the Dragoons for Pin's surgeons, if they will help." She responds.

He nods. "Poor guy... Right now he's just happy that we're all still alive."

"Yeah, I bet he has been feeling bad about everything." She adds. "How is Amelia?" She looks back down at his hand and realizes a tear slip from her eye. She tries to hide it.

"Still worried about Amelia... had to do something a little risky." He replies.

She looks up, a bit worried. "Risky?"

He nods. "She'd have given birth on Sunday actually... but we stopped it."

"How did you stop it?" She asks.

"My specialization puts me in tune with body cycles... Gotta know certain things inside and out in order to shapeshift at all, or parts. So... ended up wrapping up the part of her that releases the labor hormones, like in a little nature magic cocoon." He explains. "Buy us a little more time for them to recover from the capture... and her not eating..."

She slowly nods and wipes another tear. Her knee shifts her pillow over just enough for the corner of an envelope to show. She isn't aware it's visible. She then hands him her empty plate.

He looks at her. "You wanna... talk about anything?" He asks, taking the plate and setting it down.

She looks at him worried for a moment. "Oh... I mean, I wish I could see what's going on outside this inn, but I know I shouldn't try getting around too much yet." She responds calmly. "I just wonder how everything looks... If it's still there and how I remember it. Been almost two weeks now, right?"

"Yeah... everything's pretty much the same..." He responds.

She resettles herself and then glances beside her knee, eyeing the edge of the envelope. She looks up at him to assess if he has seen it or not, before making a subtle attempt to cover it back up with the pillow.

He continues looking at her patiently. It was becoming more apparent he noticed something.

She sits quietly a moment, trying to figure out how to explain. "It's nothing..."

After a brief pause, he responds. "Then I can go ahead and put it on the pile over here for you..."

She sits quietly, thinking. "Yeah... sure, okay." She slowly pulls the envelope from the under the pillow, then offers it to him. Her hand is barely, but noticeably shaking a bit. "I must have missed it when I was sorting earlier..."

He takes the envelope. "Must have." He then flicks on end of the envelope toward himself, as he reaches to set it on the table.

She eyes the spot in which the envelope lands for a brief moment.

"I have to say that's the 'biggest' amount of nothing I've seen in a while..." He adds.

She looks up at him, and then down at her hands in her lap. "It's just... It was something I wasn't expecting."

He nods quietly, listening.

"It's uh... the results of the tests they ran... on my blood... It happened when I was in my coma. I don't know if the druids had it done or the Alliance, or whoever..." She says, leaning back on her pillow a bit somber. "Doran?"

"Yeah?" He responds.

She pauses a moment. "Did the nurses say anything about... a lot of bleeding in the days just after... the whole thing?" She softly mutters. "I just... need to know..."

"I hadn't been talking with the nurses... just know what I know myself." He replies.

She looks at him a bit concerned. "And... what did you notice?"

He takes a deep breath and looks down for a few moments, biting his lip. "I couldn't save everyone..."

She looks at him as water fills her eyes. She then slowly nods and looks up at the ceiling. She speaks soft and a bit strained. "I didn't even know..." She sniffs and wipes her face a bit. "I didn't want to believe the results..."

He stands and shifts slightly to sit on the bed, offering to take her good hand.

She looks down at their hands and then back up to him. Her face is a bit puffy and red now. "I had to ask..." Her voice breaks a bit.

He looks upset, feeling bad for the pain that she's feeling, and doesn't want to see her crying.

She eventually leans on his shoulder as her face scrunches into a full sob. Her crying is muffled from his shoulder.

He slips his arm around her gently and holds her, letting her cry. "I'm sorry..."

She shakes her head slightly, rolling on his shoulder. She speaks strained. "It's... not your... fault."

"It is... I had a clue that something might've been afoot with Amelia... I was gonna go in and try and pull her out of it. I let 'Laina talk me out of it. I could have prevented this..."

She lifts her head from his shoulder and shakes her head with her eyes closed. Her face is wet and red, sniffling a bit. "No... you did what you could to protect us. No one could have known for sure."

He still looks guilty.

She wipes her face and sniffs, trying to collect herself. "I'm was afraid to tell you about it..."

"Why?" He looks to her concerned.

"I didn't know how... you were going to take it." She sniffs and wipes her face again, sighing. She pauses for a moment. "I knew it was Baurus'." She says, looking down in her lap.

"And you thought I'd be... mad?" He asks.

"I wasn't sure how you would take it..." She responds softly. She then lays back on her pillow, staring out across the room. "I know that... things are in a weird spot between us... but I just want to say I'm sorry... And I don't know where I would be without your dedication to this place..." She sniffs as a tear trickles down her cheek, following the crease of her nose and onto the pillow.

"Ly, I would've helped you through the whole thing... Weren't nothing to be ashamed of... I just wanna help." He responds.

She closes her eyes and nods. A few more tears escape.

After a brief pause, he speaks. "Baked a fleet of cakes... ya' know. All that stuff."

She nods slowly, offering a weak smile. She then reaches for his hand and rubs gently, looking at him meaningfully and speaking quietly. "Thank you..."

He squeezes her hand gently. "Wish I could help more."

She gives him a thoughtful look. "You do more than you know for us already, Doran. I just hope we can all get out of this together."

"Trying... we're getting there." He replies.

"We will find him eventually... And we will make him pay." She adds.

"Double now... Rest of you lot better hope you have your best running shoes on... If I get him first, rest of you just get the scraps." He nods.

She nods slowly, gently rubbing his hand and looking at him from her pillow, silent and calm. "I guess everyone has been getting along alright?"

"Yeah... we're all getting by. Maybe a little worn." He responds.

"I hope all of this paperwork falling on Curlaina hasn't put her under a lot of stress." She thinks. "How is she doing? And Timory too?"

He pauses in thought. "I don't know, honestly. I hardly see her... either of them."

"Surely Curlaina is still around somewhere." She assures herself.

He nods. "I think so... She's been staying in her room a lot."

"She is just always so... quiet. I've been meaning to sit down with her and talk about how things are going with her position, and how she feels about it." She sighs briefly. "But all this happened..."

"It probably doesn't help any that she's confined here unless she has an escort." He adds.

She slowly nods. "I didn't want to, but I was afraid to lose someone else. I feel like both of the girls resent me for that."

"It's not an easy deal, no matter how you go about it." He responds.

She sighs for a moment in thought. "I just hope I'm doing right by them... I really do care about them."

He squeezes her hand. "I know..."

She gives him a subtle smile, before there is a pause. "I don't even know what I am now..."

"What do you mean?" He wonders.

"I thought the results would give me some clarity... but I'm still not a normal Human or a complete Worgen... It's just weird."

"Give it some more time... it'll clear up." He reassures her.

"You think the curse will ever be completely gone?" She looks at him, and uses her other hand to feel the scar on her shoulder.

"I think so... Might require another trip later on if it doesn't just clear up on its own, but you shouldn't be trying on the ol' fur and fangs at any point." He replies.

She nods. "The results were showing the curse slowly receding, but I just wonder if it will ever be the same..."

"I think so." He nods.

She pauses for a moment. "I never told you about the vision I saw, did I?"

"Nah." He subtly shakes his head.

She sighs briefly before starting. "There was this dark forest... leaves all over the ground and the wind was cold, whipping through the trees. I was laying on the ground, and heard the howling. It sounded like a whole pack of wolves were after me, and so I ran... I didn't know where to go, I just ran."

He nods and listens.

She continues. "I tripped on a tree root and they caught up to me... I was surrounded, and I just laid there... I closed my eyes, because I didn't want to see... and then I opened them again when nothing happened... I was back here... in this room, watching the attack all over again... Also, someone was there with me, talking with me. Someone I used to know and love very much."

He nods slowly.

"I just remember witnessing the attack all over again, and that's when I saw the bite... I was already out." She pauses. "He was talking to me about the attack and the warlock... but now I know it was just me all along, reasoning with myself. But something happened just before I lost him again... He said something that I've been thinking about for the past few days now..."

She looks over to him. "He mentioned stopping both of them... and in my vision, he was stabbed in front of me by... the same bitch that took him away. I don't know why I saw this... and I've been trying to make sense of it. I can't help but think that... what if this warlock and her are related in some way." She pauses again. "I know this probably sounds confusing on your end, but it's worrisome for me. He said I had to stop them, both of them..."

She trails off and lays silently in thought, sighing. "After this... I fell through the floor of this Inn, into what seemed like a dark pit that lasted forever..."

"That... would be strange." He adds.

"But I woke up back in the forest, and the wolves were still there... about to close in on me." She continues. "The alpha was first, and luckily I found a branch in the dirt next to me... I fought them all for my life."

"Hmm... Why did you accept death the first time, but fight the second?" He asks.

She shakes her head. "I guess, I just felt like I had to fight... I felt like I wasn't supposed to die there. I wanted to find out what he meant... what he said to me."

"But, you just agreed that it was you..." He reminds her.

She nods slowly. "I think so at least... but why would I think that? That part is what gets me..." She pauses. "Was it just the hope that I needed to find within myself to survive... or is there something more to it?"

"I have no idea..." He responds.

She nods silently for a moment. "I just... felt someone should know at least." She looks at him.

"Maybe after everything that happens you think someone's been feeding him information... Don't have a face to put to it, so you use another person who hurt you." He wonders.

"It could be." She nods and grips his hand, squeezing even though it's still a bit weak.

He squeezes back gently. "Yeah. Ly... about the injury. Are you going to tell her?"

"Amelia?" She asks.

He nods slowly.

"I don't plan to tell anyone I don't have to... I don't think it would be good on her, and this wasn't her fault." She replies.

"I understand that... Right now though, it's..." He scratches the back of his head in thought. "It might be worse keeping things from her... Lies of omission. It might reinforce what he told her... that made her paranoid of all of us."

"Then I will leave it up to you... Just let me know, okay?" She looks at him. "I don't want her to sink too deep, thinking she ruined everything... but she will need to be told in time."

Doran nods again. "She feels that way already... She's waiting to be rejected. Thrown away."

She sighs. "I will see her as soon as I'm able. She needs to know I still love her."

"If you want, I can walk you over there... carry you if need be." He offers.

She gently shakes her head. "I may wait for another night. I still need a bit of time to get my thoughts together... I've wanted to know what it means to be a mother... I just didn't expect for this to happen." She sniffs and wipes a tear. "But, I'll get past this... just like everything else I've had to face... I'll be okay..."

"Just hang in there a bit longer. Remember you've got folk here for ya'." He reassures her.

She rubs his hand and closes her eyes in a nod. "I know, and thank you... Thank you for taking care of me." She offers a weak smile.

"Anytime Ly... Try my best." He pauses briefly. "You want me to let you rest for a bit?"

She looks like some fatigue is starting to set in, and slowly nods. "I think so, but could you stay with me a while?" She looks across to him. "Just until I fall asleep?"

He nods and smiles. "You bet."

She smiles back a bit, laying her head on the pillow. She then gently rubs her thumb across the top of his hand, closing her eyes. After a few moments, her thumb stops and she seems to be drifting off.

He waits for a few more minutes before rising, adjusting her blanket and pillow before heading out quietly.