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[Lasyana] 'Tis the Season

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There are few things that could bring Lasyana away from Alalandaria’s arms so snugly embraced in bed. Family needs being one, natural needs being the other. But today was different. Today had Lasyana rolling out of bed and quickly stepping to their frosted bedroom window with glee shining in her silvery eyes.

From the cloudy skies thick flakes of snow drifted lazily downward in the early evening air. While this is entirely too common of a sight in Winterspring tonight held even more meaning for the excited druid. She looked over to the small calender that sat near by on the bedside table. Reaching over she flipped the page decorated with pumpkins and other images of harvest over along it’s spiral binding. Along the edges of this month where images of lights and mistletoe, a dwarf in a bright red suit pulled by his reindeer and coloured present falling behind him.

It was time for Winter’s Veil.

Ever since she learned of the Eastern Kingdoms holiday it captivated her. The bright, twinkling lights wrapped around pine trees adorned with other beautiful ornaments. To give secret gifts to friends and families, watching their faces filled with curiosity and wonder as they held their gaily wrapped presents. It was fun and exciting and something Lasyana looked forward to every year.

Turning from the window she hurried to her closet where she pulled out her heavy fur robe and matching boots. Her ears twitched as she pulled on her gloves as Alalandaria began to stir with sleepy, confused murmurings.

She turned, grinning wide at her groggy love, “Shh, sleep now Ala. Join me when you’re ready. For now, I have a delightful duty to preform.”

Ala muttered more as she dropped her head to the fluffy pillows and drifted back to sleep. Hurrying from the bed room and shutting the door behind her she strode through their elven home. A storage room sat tucked away in the back of their home, a pocket dimension created my her arcanely talented mate, and inside was what she sought.

Stepping around neatly placed boxes and organized shelves, she found several large crates labelled W.V.. Her grin remained as she opened the top to see strings of multicoloured lights coiled neatly within. The lights themselves were Draenic in design; a clean and environmentally friendly crystalline lighting and power source. The lights could run continuously throughout the month with out dimming or going out, something she immensely loved.

She slung the lights over her shoulder and grabbed an armful of ornaments. She had a big night ahead of her, but soon, Starfall Village will shine bright.


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Ala's part~

Ala had never been a “holiday person”. There was no Winter Veil in Eldre’thalas and before Lasy came into her life she had no friends or family to celebrate holidays with. The druid’s enthusiasm was infectious though.

After her morning ritual - a hot shower, teeth brushed, yesterday’s laundry washed - she magicked on her warmest robe along with boots, gloves, and earmuffs. Lasy was still busy darting around the small village, stringing lights wherever they could go and making use of her various animal forms to reach hard to get places. As she stepped outside, she noted a sprig of mistletoe the druid had managed to grow from the top of their doorway. Her lover’s magic was impressive.

Arcane magic is much more suited for something like this though.

A grin slowly grew across her lips as she began to conjure her own magic, the force causing her long braid to flutter and the snow around her boots to be pushed back. Bolts of icy energy shot from her hands, zapping the yard and turning inanimate snow animate. It quickly formed a small army of snowmen which lined up in front of her. A snap of her fingers and the frosty figures were each adorned with carrot noses, coal eyes and mouths, and of course top hats. They glided along the snow, spreading throughout the village before becoming lifeless again.

Lasy will take care of the lights and of course the trees, there must be something else…

Ala conjured a small candy cane for herself to suck on as she surveyed the village. She extended a hand, her finger tracing along the edges of the roads. Wherever she pointed, a waist-high candy cane planted itself into the frozen ground, until all of the paths in Starfall had been lined with the decorative treats. These decorations would do for the moment. It wasn’t offensive magic, but it drained her nonetheless. When Lasy was done with the lights, they could discuss what was next.