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War in the North

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(Lycandria Marilyn Ravenholdt)

ycandria's eyes flutter open, turning her head about as she stretches. She yawns and hears several dishes clatter downstairs, muffled as it filters up the stairway. Another morning of recovery at the Inn, however she was finally starting to get around some on her own.

She pulls the covers back and sets her feet on the floor to the side of her bed. New mail had arrived that morning, probably at the hands of Doran since they now both knew Curlaina had left, and likely with Timory too. Lycandria sighed at the thought, hoping to gain her strength back in order to help find them before something bad happened. The league had just gotten Amelia back.

She picks up the mail and sorts through everything briefly, coming across a envelope from Dalaran that catches her eye. It was from Shade. She takes a deep breath and looks around her room, evaluating who might be around even in the hallway. She eventually breaks the seal and pulls the letter out.


I know the past few weeks have been tough already, and I wish I could be there to support you even though we both agreed the league isn't ready to know about me yet, but I'm afraid I have only grave news to report.

Several outposts in the North have come under the attack of Malavis, the warlock in red. So far, we have confirmed attacks in the Hinterlands at Stormfeather Outpost, Quel'Danil Lodge, and even Aerie Peak. One other location in the Arathi Highlands was attacked, Refuge Pointe.

Many lives have been lost among the local Wildhammers in heinous ways I dare not go into detail. We also have a few reports from survivors that the warlock appeared in a mass following, offering the choice to join him or die. The Wildhammers near Stormfeather met them with stiff resistance, but many lost their lives in such defiance. Others in the area succumbed to the widespread fear, joining his cause after witnessing several massacres.

We've had suspicions that since the league was arguably removed from the equation, sending Amelia back to you and the attack that ensued, he was planning to take advantage and make his move on the North. We believe this is only going to get worse.

I'm sorry I don't have any better news to report, but you needed to be informed of the rising threat in the North, now manifesting in a terrible way. This warlock has to be stopped. If you have allies, now is the time.

- S

She looks down from the letter and sits silently for a moment in thought. Suddenly, she crushes the letter in her hand and yells, throwing it across the room.

Shortly after, Doran comes racing up the stairs to check on her.

She sits with hair in her face and chest heaving, clearly worked up. She then looks up to him with her face red, move her hair aside. "That son of a bitch... He's killing them... He's going to kill them all, Doran..."

He looks at her confused. "What are you talking about?"

She points to the now crushed ball of paper on the floor, and looks back at him after sniffing and wiping a tear. "See for yourself..."