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The More You Know...

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(Lycandria Marilyn Ravenholdt)

Lycandria peeks in Amelia's room through the doorway for a moment, before heading downstairs of the Inn. Amelia still appeared to be sleeping and holding on strong throughout the whole ordeal over the past few weeks.

She continues downstairs for breakfast. Her legs were feeling much better under her. As she reaches the bottom, she sees Skippio at the nearby table. "Oh, hey Skip. How are you?"

He looks up at her and smiles. "Oh, hey boss! Good to see you up and about!"

She smiles and flags the waiter down for some water and fresh breakfast. She then gently sits across the table from him, not grunting as bad as she had been in the past week."It feels good to be up and around... The soreness is about gone now. Stairs aren't as much of a chore as they were... though, going up is the real test."

She pauses for a moment. "I heard about things going on between you and Amelia." She starts, then nods at the waiter who sets her breakfast down in front of her. "Thanks, looks good." She smiles.

He gives a light chuckle before awkwardly staring down at the table. His right eye appears to have more scarring than normal. "Yeah... things have been less than ideal between us recently."

She looks at his eye and slowly nods. "Anything you wish to talk about? I'm here for you not only as a leader, but as a friend." She sips her water and eats some of her fresh fruit, waiting on the eggs and bacon for later.

He gives a light sigh and looks back up at her. "Well... recently I tried to talk to Amelia about our relationship. How I felt more like a second fiddle to Doran. However, I was very elequent in my speech, and well... I ended up upsetting Whole..." He pauses. "At the end of the... well let's call it a falling out for simplicity's sake, I shifted into my worgen form and tore out my glass eye." He says, tapping the scars around his right eye. "It was... not my brightest decision."

She nods. "How do you mean, second fiddle?"

"Well, I guess you could just call it me feeling inferior to him." He responds.

She nods again, slowly. "Well, if you need any help with the eye, we have the druids around and the infirmary at the barracks... but I guess I don't understand... Why would you feel inferior to him?" She raises her eyebrow, hiding a bit of concern. "It's you and Amelia... and I know Fehmal, right?"

He leans back a little. "Well, he's better with other people than I am, for a start. He's most likely smarter than I am. He's more in tune with his worgen side... Oh, and he gets along with all three of Amelia's... sides."

"But you are the one with her... so why would you feel threatened?" She asks, finishing her fruit and pausing to wait for his reply.

"Well, Doran and Wither are really close... as well as him being on good terms with both of the other sides of Amelia, but me... Well, I'm with Amelia and the other two halves don't really care for me that much." He shrugs, taking a sip of some of his tea.

She looks blankly and swallows hard. "Doran and Wither... are close? Like, what does that mean? And... and how do you know?" She places her hands on the table and looks at him concerned, hinging on answers.

He raises his eyebrow at her. "Aside from the signs, Blind told me. I may not be able to speak it myself, but I can understand what he has to say... at least when I'm in worgen form. Also Whole and Wither compare me to him a lot... Doran I mean."

She slowly nods, fighting emotions behind her eyes. "I see..."

He worriedly cocks his head to the side. "Are... you okay boss? I had no clue that you didn't know, honest..."

She looks down at her plate, and then around the Inn for a moment, forcing a smile. "No... no I'm okay... I'm sorry that you feel inferior and I can see that now... It makes sense."

After a brief pause, he slowly smiles. "Hey, I have something that might make you feel a bit better." He says, going into one of his bags and pulling out a bundled up quilt.

She looks up at him. "Y-yes?"

"I made a quilt for you... I mean, I made one for Amelia too, but I think I may want Doran to present it to her... I like having arms." He gives a nervous chuckle before offering her quilt to her. "I thought that since the nights were getting colder, you might want a heavier blanket." He nervously smiles.

She weakly smiles at him. "Well... thank you, really... It's very nice of you." She says, studying the quilt's ornate look before handing it back after a moment.

He smiles rolling the quilt back up to avoid getting it dirty. He nods at her, acting much more positive than usual.

She looks over at him. "I appreciate you taking the time to do that... I never knew you did sewing."

He nervously chuckles, blushing a little. "Heh... well, I've had to make my fair share of clothes, and sewing helps calm my nerves, so yeah."

She slowly nods, still trying to distract her mind from what she just learned. It wasn't enough. "I-I should get back to my room... I just came down for a quick bite, and I still... have lots of mail to get through."

He looks up. "Oh, do you need help up the stairs? I'd be glad to help you back up."

She stands up somewhat abruptly and shakes her head. "No... no, I need to get stronger, but thank you... I-It was good to talk to you." She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, turning to face the stairs away from him. She closes her painful eyes and sighs light and deep.

He seems slightly disappointed. "Oh... okay. Well, if you're sure you don't need any help..."

She unconsciously leaves her plate and drink. "I'm sorry... I just need to get back to work... It's not you." She tries to assure him, as she walks up the stairs.


When she reaches her doorway, she lays her hand against the wall and covers her mouth with her free hand. Tears fill her eyes, as she lightly sniffles trying not to be heard.

He worriedly watches her leave and sighs, deciding to go up after her.

After she closes her door behind her, she sits on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands.

He looks at the closed door and pauses for a moment. He then knocks. "Hey, boss? You um... you forgot your quilt." He says, recalling the sorrow in her eyes after mentioning Doran and Wither.

She looks back at the door, afraid to be seen now with her red face and puffy eyes. "Oh... yeah, just... set it by the door and... I'll get it later."

He shakes his head nervously. "Look..." He sighs putting his hand on the door. "Ly... I can tell that something is wrong, and while I'm guilty of avoiding others myself, it'd be better to have someone to talk to about this sort of thing... right?" He says with genuine concern his voice.

She thinks to herself and looks around a bit frantically. "I'm fine, honestly... I just have things out that are... a bit confidential, as in league business... I'm really sorry, but I can't have you in here." She replies as she moves some of the mail on her end table around; her hands shaking a bit.

He sighs. "Ly... I can tell you're upset about something. It'd be better if you just let me in to talk to you... trust me. Talking about your problems helps a lot." He says, recalling his previous experiences with Doran.

She nods to herself, feeling her heart sink as she hears Doran's name. "I-I really appreciate the concern... but I promise I'm fine... and thank you for the quilt." She answers again looking back at the door. She lays back on her bed with her head on the pillow, hoping to hear footsteps leading back downstairs.

He sighs again. "Lycandria, I am coming in there. You obviously need someone to talk to, and putting it off will only make it worse." He pauses. "Trust me on that, I know it for a fact." He takes a deep breath before slowly opening the door to look at her.

She sits up quickly. "Skip, no... You can't be in here with all this paperwork out!" She responds, placing the mail back on the end table and hiding it under objects. She then uses some of her hair to hide her face.

He shakes his head. "This isn't about paperwork. Even if it was, you shouldn't be working. You're still injured." He says walking closer to her, placing the quilt at the foot of her bed. He walks over to look her in the eyes. "Ly, please. Just tell me what's wrong. Please."

She looks down and states quietly and calmly. "I need you to leave."

He folds his arms and sighs. "No. I'm not leaving. Not while a friend needs my help so obviously." He says with a firm concern present in his voice. It was not usually like him.

She looks up with painful, yet serious eyes. She raises her voice a bit more. "Skip... I need you to leave, please."

He looks back at her with a serious and immovable look in his eyes. "No. You need someone to talk to. Letting problems stew in your mind is harmful, even painful. I won't let you get hurt as bad as..." He stops, not wanting to say another word, but knowing he had to finish his statement. "I don't want you to hurt as bad as I do, even if it's something that seems small. I can assure you, it can get worse. It always will. Don't let it get bottled up inside you... just don't." He says firmly, with his fists clenched tightly. "And if not for me or yourself, tell me for the sake of everyone who cares about you."

She sighs deeply and looks down, trying to be patient. She then looks back up to him a bit angrily. "Skip, I'm not going to ask again... I need you to leave me be... Consider it an order."

He pauses for a moment, knowing it was an order, but still can't just leave her to stew in her own misery. Suddenly, he was putting the pieces together; his eyes widen slightly. "Doran, you... by the light... I had no idea that you..." He stutters. "Ly... I, I'm sorry... I didn't mean, I..."

"Just go... Go!" She yells and stands up, beginning to push him towards the door.

He resists the pushing as best he can, grabbing her by the wrist and looking her in the eyes. "No."

She looks up at him, with angry and painful eyes. "Don't make me do this... I can't take it right now. I just need you to go... Now!" She yells again.

"No. I won't let you sit here alone and mourn a lost love, when I had to go through the same damn thing with you!" He yells back unconsciously, letting go of her wrist.

Her pushing comes to a halt after hearing his words, stopping dead in her tracks. After a moment, she turns back around toward her bed and sits on the edge, silently.

He begins realizing what he'd admitted. "I..." He mumbles, his heart sinking in his chest.

She covers her face with her hands, sighing deeply.

He stands in the middle of the room, looking down at the floor. "I... I guess you want me to explain, huh?" He mumbles, standing there shaking slightly.

She shakes her head. "I-I can't deal with this right now... I just can't do it. I need you to understand that." She replies softly.

He slowly nods and walks over, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Then at least understand this... I know how you feel. I've felt the same things, sometimes even more recently than I'm willing to admit. Just understand that, if anything." He says, trying to comfort her as best he can.

She seems a bit uncomfortable with his hand, doing her best not to show it. She simply nods a bit. "Now... I need to be alone for awhile. So please just go..."

He pauses, taking his hand off her shoulder. "I don't want to... but if you're sure... I'll leave you be. However... I will only be far enough for you to have your space. Just know that when you are ready to talk..." He says, beginning to head to the door. "I'll be there for you."

She simply nods.

He leaves the room and starts to close the door behind him, then stops for a moment. "Enjoy the quilt..." He says, finally closing the door all the way. His footsteps echo in the hall as he walks downstairs.

She gets up quietly and walks over to lock the door, then returns back to her bed. After a few moments trapped in her thoughts, she clinches the sheets tightly in her hands as her face scrunches, weeping into her pillow. Her voice quivers and breaks, letting out a heartbroken wail.