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Luxirti sat in Lotus, the soft fragrance of the burning incense in small smudge bowls spaced evenly around her adding to the peace she sought. It had been too long since had done this, and she chided herself for the lapse in her rituals. She wasn’t sure when she had stopped doing them exactly, but it was after having fled from the Horde Territories and made her way to the Eastern Kingdoms.

She was completely still. Her fur was being ruffled by the slight breeze that eddied through the pond area of the Silver Dragoon’s garrison. It was the quietest place in the bustling outpost in Draenor. No one bothered her as she sat. She was only wearing a silken Gi. To many they must have simply looked like night clothes, but for her, she had been surprised to find them, along with some of her other trinkets in the bag the Horde Hunter had left her in Dalaran. The soft silk was very comforting to her now. It had been a gift to her upon attaining her Jinhu rank, or Golden Tiger. She had worn the black silk, trimmed in red, the symbol of Xuen the tiger, matching the scar on her palm, was embroidered at each cuff, both wrist and ankle. She had put on some weight, so the silk was a little more snug than it had been, another sign she was out of step with herself. She would need to get back into her martial training, another thing she was chiding herself for.

She worked her mind through the exercises she had learned in the Shado-pan. Techniques to help her school her emotions, keep them from becoming fuel for the Sha. An enemy that could twist your feelings until it coaxed rage from you, and once you were enraged, the Sha could worm its way into you, leave a small part of itself behind, infecting you until that small self had fed on your rage and grown. Once it was large enough, it could devour you and take over your mind, possessing you and causing destruction around you. She worked through the steps. Each step leaving her mind clearer, more at peace.

She put away her feelings for her husband once again. She offered the angst she felt for his new wife and their child to the cleansing wind and incense. She threw the feeling of loss, of not being able to return to Pandaria, to the waters of the pond so it would wash her clean of them. She worked through her thoughts and emotions. Washing herself of those that could lead to harm, strengthening those that could heal, and shoring up those that could defend.

It took her nearly three hours to meditate to her inner peace. She rose, her smudge bowls grown cold long ago. She picked them up, then washed the ashes in the pond, making her way to the Barricks to put on her armor, and prepare her weapons. She had volunteered to enter the thoughts of a man she did not know, but one who was important to her Commander and others. She had volunteered to help find a key to piece him back together. She had volunteered to find the memory of the man having to dispatch one of his own. A task she had to do all to often when one of the Shado-pan had fallen in their battle with the Sha. This was a task she was accustomed, and one she felt she had the strength to do.