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Breaking Iron

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Hellfire Citadel loomed overhead even with the twenty foot high advantage Nirahsa had on the shoulder of Risha as the machine stomped heavily. Despite all the recent attacks the Meddlers and Dragoons had done against the fortress it still looked intimidating. The sight of it sent a shiver down her back as the shaman drew in a quick breath.

Right now her friends were inside that very citadel trying to stop the Fel Horde permanently, each foray more progress was made but the Fel Orcs still managed to cling on somehow. Even the multiple defeats failed to break their fel fueled delusions of victory against the Alliance and Horde.

Risha and Nira were helping to keep the perimeter secured along with a detachment of Alliance troops so that if the Meddlers and Dragoons had to pull out suddenly they’d have a clear path instead of worrying about Orcs flanking them.

The silence was broken by shouts and cries that came from behind Nira, followed by loud clanking and booming footsteps.

“Risha, behind us, the troops!”

Nira held on as the large walker spun around heavily on one heel before she stormed towards the noise. They’d separated from the alliance troops in order to keep a wider look out. Now someone had taken advantage of that.

Risha came crashing through the trees Nira still on her shoulder to see a large black metal machine with the green outlines of fel energy sweeping through the soldiers in disarray, a maniacal laugh bellowing out mechanically as the Orc pilot fire the machine’s arm cannon and sent troops flying.

“Target Acquired,” Risha stated even as the draenei machine raised her massive dwarven rifle and fired at the Iron Reaver. Nira blinked in confusion her mind racing.

“We already destroyed that thing, yes…how,” She gripped tighter even as the Iron Reaver was dotted with explosions from the rifle rounds causing it to take a few steps back. Giving NIra some time to look it over, “No..this one is different, yes…built after or already being built when the other one was destroyed, yes yes.”

The Iron Reaver recovered from the shots raising its right arm, cannon glowing green before it fired a retaliatory blast at Risha.

Risha lacking time to implement barriers raised the giant dwarven cannon up, blocking the blast even as it caused the rifle to shatter and explode into multiple shards nearly throwing Nira off the machine’s shoulder. Risha discarded the remaining pieces even as her left hand reconfigured to expose one of the draenic power crystals. She thundered forward firing off several purple blasts at the Reaver which took them full on as it knuckled down before blitzing forward. Slamming right into Risha and pushing the machine backwards.

A titanic brawl broke out between the two machines as Risha struck out with a metal fist. Metal on metal rang through the woods as the two machines exchanged heavy blows. While Nirahsa tried not to get thrown off Risha even while trying to deal damage to the Iron Reaver with blasts of lightning and molten lava.

The reaver was taking damage but the Orc pilot was relentless in their attack, their own blows tearing into Risha. Armor crumbled off the machines hitting the ground like cannon barrages. Risha finally got a good grip on the reaver and in one swift motion through the Fel War Machine over her sending it careening into the ground and trees, branches snapping loudly from the weight.

“Risha hit it hard while it’s still down!” Nira shouted out as she clambered back to her secure spot.

“Confirmed,” The machine bellowed both hands reconfiguring to expose their power crystals as they hummed to life glowing with purple energy briefly before Risha fired out two sustained blasts at the Iron Reaver. The beams exploding against the armor hulk sending shrapnel flying before the energy dissipated. Risha’s hands changed back into fists even as she began to lumber forward.

Despite the acrid smoke billowing upwards a green glow appeared within the haze growing ever brighter.

“Risha evade evade!” Nira shouted recognizing the glow, even as Risha started to juke to the side before the fallen reaver fired off a massive gout of fel green energy. The shotgun like blast still hit the draenic machine despite its attempt at evading sending it reeling as the fel dug into her armor and began corroding through it. The shaman let out a cry of her own as she caught part of the blast feeling her skin heat up before she managed to call on cleansing water to wash it away. Reflexively she dropped lower on Risha’s back to shield off the rest of the corrupt blast of energy.

Even as she tried to climb back up Risha buckled, the Reaver having gotten back on its feet and charged into her again this time knocking her down entirely. Nira just barely managed to avoid being flatted by her own machine.  Looking up to see the badly damage Iron Reaver use a broken piece from its own shoulder as a dagger jamming it into Risha’s chest causing sparks to fly. The Fel energy leaking from the machine made it look even more intimidating in its damaged state as Nira felt her chest tightening.

“Armor integrity…b-breached,” Risha intoned even as the machine punched back.

Nira bit her lip it was obvious that the Reaver had gained the advantage and was slowly winning despite being heavily damaged. The fel power of the machine giving it an advantage despite being less sophisticated. Nirahsa ran forward before releasing a gust of wind against the ground launching the Tinkerer into the air, landing on the back of the Iron Reaver in a rather inelegant fashion. She could feel the fel energy radiating off the orc machine causing her stomach to feel sick.

Wasting no time the shaman started to unleash blasts of molten fire against the reaver burning through the rest the damaged armor, green fumes spilling out causing her to choke on them before managing to hold her breath. Trying to shield herself with the elements as she worked her way into the machine tearing apart anything she could as it clanked and growled before the green glow brightened considerable as the fel core of the war machine was exposed.

She could feel her skin tingling but the shaman focused hard raising a hand upwards out of the wound she’d widened in the machine. The sky crackled and thundered before a massive bolt of lightning shot down and into Nirahsa’s hand even as she pressed her other hand against the Reaver’s core channeling the destructive energy directly into it. The thundering sky grew in intensity even as the reaver shuddered.

A web of cracks appeared along the core before it exploded sending fumes of green everywhere and causing the reaver to spasm before it threw itself onto the ground in a rattling heap before going still as the rest of its energy dispersed.

Nira struggled to pull herself out of the machines wreckage, sucking in fel fumes as she winced feeling a sharp pain in her leg. Her mind still racing knowing she couldn’t stay here, even as her throat started to burn. It felt like years had passed before the tinkerer managed to pull herself out entirely before tumbling down the side of the wreckage.

She felt her strength ebbing, at first it felt like normal after battle fatigued. Then she stood up, the pain in her leg greeted her in renewed fury causing her to cry out even as her muscles went lax and the shaman fell to the ground in a thud. The burning in her throat continued as she tried to crawl away from the fallen reaver only for her hands to grip at the dirt uselessly.

Behind her goggles her eyes glimmered green very briefly before returning to their normal shade. The shamans normally blue skin was growing pale and sickly looking. Her mind trying to call out to the elements for aid even as her vision grew blurry before it went out entirely as she passed out.



Her eyes opened to blurry figures around her, making out grey and blue colorations. She seemed to be moving. Body bouncing somewhat roughly, it took her a moment to realize she was in a makeshift stretcher. Head weakly rolling to the side despite the straps that’d been tied to try and hold her still.

Muffled voices around her, “She looks bad.”

“I know that, we need to get her back to Lion’s Watch now.”

“Lucky she’s a shaman or she’d probably already be dead.”

Nira’s mind reeled, someone was dying? She tried to think but her moment of clarity was lost as the fog rolled in within her mind and she felt the blackness retaking her once more.

When her eyes opened again they only saw brown, which was probably a ceiling maybe. She thought places had ceilings, with green running through the cracks dripping down. Nira’s eyes widened as the shaman tried to recoil and spasm from the site only for her body to weakly convulse causing the terror to grow even more as a vicious sharp toothed man burning with gree fire leaned over nearly drooling fel as he grinned maniacally at her. She had been captured, they were going to experiment on her! She had to get away why couldn’t she move? Why did her body refuse to respond?  Get the madman away, tell him to stop snarling at her!


The alliance priest tried to gently reassure Nirahsa as he leaned over one hand gripping her shoulder giving a reassuring squeeze which only eliciting a scream from Nira. He took a step back, “Nirahsa, it’s alright! You’re at Lion’s watch. You’re safe now.”

The words seemingly falling on deaf ears before the shaman seemed to tire herself out from the little movement she had managed and pass out once more. The priest sighed before he checked her vitals, which like last time were weak but present. He went back to his notes.


Patient awoke calmly but quickly went into a frenzied panic despite or possibly due to her severely weakened state. Fel poisoning may have induced hallucinatory effects. Currently preparing another series of cleansing rituals, we are confident we will be able to purge the majority of the Fel that has invaded her body. Her own shamanistic methods seemed to have helped keep it from taking root permanently for the moment. However it is unlikely we will be able to remove all of the fel energy, which calls patients long term survival into question. We still hold out hope that the body will be able to cleanse itself of the remaining Fel given time.


The priest sighed as he penned the last sentence before setting the journal aside and turning back to the unconscious Nirahsa. 


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Dacianna was having an

Dacianna was having an excellent weekend. She had finally been able to go out to the Dancing Dragon, this time being held out in Darnassus. She got to wear a dress, Kaewynn was there, and all in all it was a wonderfully relaxing evening.

The Vindicator hadn't been to night elf territory in a number of years, but she remembered vividly the awe and grace of the Temple of Elune.. and that feeling rivaled by few others had convinced her early on that this world is where they'd belong, and it was here that the draenei would make their stand with the allies they've needed for so many millenia.

Her daydreaming was interrupted though as a messenger approached her desk, asking for her specifically announcing a message from the Front in Tanaan. After confirming her identity and accepting the missive, her quizzical arched eyebrow gave way to wide eyed shock, and then to anger.

She crumpled the missive and leapt to her hooves, grabbing her hammer off the wall, already working into a sprint as she left the Dragoon's main hall in Shadowmoon Valley... one Light-infused flying charger away from Lion's Watch in the Tanaan Jungle.

Her ride had dissolved back into a nimbus of golden energy almost before Daci had finished landing as she made her way toward the healing tents, inquiring about Nirahsa, hardly letting herself break stride as she wove around nurses and patience alike, no stranger to cramped buildings devoted to healing.

It didn't take her long to find a priest who knew where to find her, but his initial declaration that she shouldn't be disturbed was met by an intense gaze from the fully armed and armored Vindicator.

"If there is no current treatment in progress, and no evaluation underway you will not bar me. I am also a healer. I shall proceed."

The priest, not wanting to stand against the imposing draenei, and with more than his fair share of healing to attend to anyway, acquiesed and let her enter...

It was quiet, and Daci's approach slowed as she bit her lip and started her own appraisal of Nirahsa's injuries. The shaman's lovely blue skin had paled.. veins stood out in contrast to her natural coloring, her left leg in a splint. Her chest rose and fell weakly, and Dacianna could sense the fel corruption within her...

She nearly dropped her hammer as she kneeled next to the bed, numb hands working off her gauntlets so her unadorned hand cold rest on the tinkerer's cheek. Daci's soulful glowing eyes dimmed a shade, the hurt and pain obvious on her normally unbreakable visage.

A weak breath excaped the vindicator's lips as tears started to brim and blur her vision. 

"Light... sweet, sweet Nira.. what have they done?"