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[Ki'in] Silence

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~….And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made…~

The roaring noise grew, making his ears ring. He could barely hear the screaming from the remaining priests still trapped inside.

~..And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming…~

‘Mikan….where is Mikan…!’

There! He managed to grab the priestess as she tried to run by, catching her spindly arm and pulling her close to him.


Pale, fevered eyes in a too-thin face gazed up at him. There was nothing left for him to hold on to…

“Ki’in!  The noise…isn’t it -glorious-!?”

He frowned and drew a bubble around them, damping the noise.

“…Mikan. They’re destroying the sacred hall…they’re ripping apart our beloved dead! This is not what we were assigned here for!”

He took her hand, bringing it up to rest on his colours, dirty and torn as their work. The garb of the soul-priest. His fingers twined with her smaller digits.

“….You haven’t forgotten, Mika? What we swore to protect?”

~..And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls..
..And tenement halls..~

I have not forgotten, Ki’in.”

She pushed away, eyes bright.

“I had hoped you would understand! That you would help us! That’s why I…”

Biting her lip, the priestess gazed back behind her.

“….Come with us, Ki’in! Together…with me. “

That hurt more than it should, as he shook his head, stepping away.

“…Mika. Please…please don’t do this. I…I lo-”

The noise crashed back through his bubble, loud enough to make him clutch his ears. Blood tricked between his fingers.

He could only watch, in silence, as she turned and ran towards the swirling mass of energy building in the middle of the temple.

~And whispered in the sounds of silence.” ….~

And then the silent explosion caught him up…and he thought no more.