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The Shattering: Arlinaria

Arlinaria  sat on the edge of the fountain inside the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus.  She idly pet Kilala, curled up at her feet, as she read an interesting book regarding the War of the Ancients.  She studied diligently, a complete change from her days of drinking and hunting.  She still hunted, there was a primal need in her to hunt, to send Kilala into the wilderness, tracking unwary animals and taking them out with her bow.  The difference was simple, before she hunted and fought not caring if she died, ignoring her pain and letting her bloodlust overcome her.  Now she hunted for the pure joy in it, and to defend her friends, her family, her home.   The drinking was done for good, Arli didn’t trust herself to drink anything stronger than hot tea now, for fear that she would once again lose control.

Her studying fulfilled two purposes.  It allowed Arli to learn more about her people, more than her grandmother ever told her.  Grandmother took Arli into Auberdine twice a year to buy supplies, this was her only interaction with her own people during her childhood.  Her failed attempt to start a band of mercenaries never included Night Elves, only humans. She managed to get over her awkwardness around other people, and her preference to be alone enough to join the Meddlers, her new family.  She was slowly adapting to having a family again after the loss of her brother and her dearest friend.  The priestesses were helping her, both with her grief and her social difficulties.  Arli began keenly feeling the lack of family in her life.  Kilala had Kron, and they had a multitude of kittens each year.  Arli had no one, and while she had a beautiful goddaughter to help look after, she wanted a little girl or boy of her own.  She’d never put much stock into it before, but after all the pain she’d been through, she wanted a bit of joy.   

Arli sighed and closed the book, her thoughts were distracting tonight.  Kilala stirred restlessly, twitching in her sleep.  Arli frowned, Kilala hadn’t been this restless since she stopped drinking.  A quake started, rumbling through the temple.  Arli normally ignored these, they happened so often recently.  Kilala jumped up and began growling, her tail lashing from side to side.  The quake continued long past when it would normally have ended.   Kilala roared suddenly, bounding away from the fountain towards the Temple Gardens.  Arli followed quickly, grabbing her bow and equipment from the floor next to the fountain, pulling her armor on as she ran.

“Kilala! Wait, what’s wrong?!” She yelled, almost tripping over her bow. 

The sky was black, streaked with lightning. The earth bucked violently, disturbing even the highest branches of Teldrassil.  Frightened citizens were screaming and running about aimlessly. Arlinaria looked up, and immediately knew why.  She stared in horror at the long, dark metal ridden shape of a dragon flying overhead.  The mouth opened and an earsplitting roar erupted followed by flames.  Arli’s eyes followed the trail of the flame, realizing it led to Auberdine.  She whistled sharply for Kilala, hoping that Kron would have sense to stay in the stable with the kittens and not try to help as well.  At least one feline parent needed to be alive and well for the babies. 

Arli ran for the portal to Rut’theran village, and found it was down.  She cursed under her breath and ran to the Centurion refuge’s district for a hippogryph.  She hopped on behind a Sentinel and pulled Kilala up behind her. 

Auberdine was not there.  The very top of the inn was visable above the waters, but nothing else.  There were a few bodies floating around, and a few screaming elves trying desperately to swim.  Some of the sentinels descended to try to save what few they could from the floodwaters.  Arli turned away, tears in her eyes threatening to fall.  The sentinel grimly continued on toward Ashenvale, and Astranaar.

Astranaar was in flames.  People ran in terror, and buildings burned and crashed to the ground.  All was chaos.  Arli braced herself, moving all emotion to the back of her mind.  She jumped off the hippogryph and grabbed a water bucket. They had to save all they could.   


The task now was to get as many people to safety as she could. They could not save the city, but they could carry the injured to Darnassus.  Soon the Sentinels refused to let Arlinaria help, sending her to boil water and sew up bandages for the priestesses.  Before long they insisted she rest, she was too tired to be of use to them.   But she couldn’t sleep, so she went to the stable, and sat with Kron, Kilala and the kittens, and cried. 



((I fixed some lore and naming issues.  I was confused by the new town near Auberdine and somehow missed the tidal wave when I watched the cinematic again.  I also couldn't remember the name of the Temple, I kept wanting to put Temple of the Moon then thinking it was wrong.  I think I have everything right now :) ))