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Daevra and Rasheek (and Blossom!): A Real Hoot

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Rasheek bit into an apple and worked it around his beak noisily, making happy warbling sounds. Stooping low, he added another apple to the growing pile clutched tightly against his chest by his left paw.

At that moment, Daevra was walking through the Mage Quarter to her rented room when Blossom, her wildkin hatchling, squawked! The Draenei girl looked down. "Hrm? What is it?"

By the apple tree, Rasheek looked up, quickly turning his head from left to right at the sound before his eyes fell upon the lil' moonkin. Daevra eyed the bigger moonkin up and down, the creature returning the favor by staring down at the Draenei. Blossom chirrrrrred happily!

Rasheek squared his shoulders and stood as straight as he could before puuffing out his chest feathers, making him look large and in charge! Blossom's eyes got wider! Somehow! Then he mimicked Rasheek's stance and mwared!

Daevra took a couple steps back, until she was against a nearby shop wall, and watched, both bemused and amused.

The bigger wildkin took a few steps forward and remained in his imposing stance before bobbing his head forward with a quick grunt. Blossom bobbed his head too--and then offered Rasheek the flower he'd just grown. Rasheek moved ever closer, but when he spotted the flower, he relaxed the impressive puffyness in a rush of air before plopping down on his back side with a dull thud, placing an apple in front of the hatchling.

Blossom squeaked happily and tried to pick up the apple. It was a little large for his stubby wings, though, so he pecked at it. Rasheek made a soft noise, somewhere between a chirrup and a growl before reaching out and carefully using a single claw to carve out a small chunk of apple.

Daevra, meanwhile, studied the larger Wildkin. It didn't seem like a druid to her, while her tiny hatchling chirped and bounced around the bigger owlbear, like any excited kid waiting eagerly for a snack.

"Oorr Rooroow, Roo-oot," the large creature hooted.

Daevra tilted her head. "You are not really Druid, are you friend?"

Rasheek's ear flicked and he turned his head to look at the purple skinned creature. "Oroow." He held his paw in the air, flexing his fingers as if he was carving imaginary fruit.

Blossom thudded to the ground in his eagerness to stop, quickly hopping up again! "Orroow?" He brandished eensy-weensy claws and tinged at the fruit, distracting Daevra with his antics.

Rasheek dumped his collection of apples between his legs and picked up one, placing it where Blossom could see. He used his left paw to hold it still, and his right to cut into the fruit. "Roow-ooro."

The hatchling squawked again and held the apple best he could, leaning on it; it was pretty big in comparison to him! He made a shallow cut with his teeny claw on the apple. "Arwoo!" He squawked proudly.

Rasheek tilted his head to the side and made biting motions with his beak and pointed to the shallow cut, "Rorow Ooro." The little moonkin watched Rasheek intently! Then mimicked his elder, even saying back the same thing, but with his beak full of juicy apple bits.

Wildkin Education

"Blossom, do not speak with your mouth full, is bad manners!" Daevra giggled.

Rasheek sat up, seeming satisfied with this turn of events, and let out a low warbling growl. Blossom quickly swallowed his apple bits, then rushed over to Daevra and pecked at her skirt, making mwahring noises and pointing at Rasheek.

She looked down. "What? Yes, you made a new friend, he seems very nice..." Blossom made another chirp, pointing at his beak, then Daevra, then Rasheek. After a moment, she realized what he meant, and gave the small owlbear a mana strudel she'd conjured earlier.

When she straightened again, Rasheek had picked up another apple and gotten to his feet, turning to face the Draenei. He fixed the mage with an unblinking stare, almost sizing her up. He then stuck the apple in his mouth and ate it wetly.

Daevra studied the creature, before saying quietly, "He was all alone in the the Hinterlands...So I take care of him now." She wasn't sure if the wildkin understood, or what it would do next.

Blossom, meanwhile, flopped around to get Rasheek's attention again! "Orroow-ohwa!"

Rasheek looked down at the hatchling and let out a questioning, "Rowroo?"

Taking on a look of intense concentration for such an odd critter, Blossom broke the soft mystical pastry in half. He reeaacchheedd up, offering part to Rasheek. "Roowroo!" He chirp-chirped happily!

The older wildkin, with his thumb and fore-claw, took the treat from Blossom. He held the morsel up to his beak, sniffing it, before tentatively putting into his mouth. After slowly chewing for a moment he nodded. "Roowroo."

Blossom puffed his chest. "Arrwoo!" He plopped down on his fuzzy rear to gobble his half of the strudel.

Wildkin and a Girl

Rasheek reached down and slid Blossom across the grass to sit beside Daevra's hoof. He looked from the little one to the mage, "Orr-Roo Oowroo." He then squared his shoulders again and puffed up his chest. "Orro-hoot!"

Daevra nodded at the owlbear, her own eyes wide. Blossom chirrrrred contendly and leaned on the Draenei's leg, nibbling on what remained of his strudel. "You can visit with him any time, too," the young mage said, smiling at Rasheek.

Blossom let out a sound like a sleepy little moonkin sigh. "Rooo-Arwoo."

Rasheek relaxed again, unaware that his display might have worked better where it not for the apple juice and strudel crumbs in his cheek feathers, "Ooroo. Roowoor."

Daevra picked up Blossom, cradling him carefully. "I think it's time we went home; you should too, friend moonkin!" Blossom chirred sleepily, "Hoooo-rooowt," as he snuggled against Daevra.

The wildkin looked around the small garden before fixing his eyes on the tree. He shuffled over and plopped down before leaning back against it. "Ooroow...Roo-roohoot." Rasheek closed his eyes and leaned his head back, his antlers thunking against the bark.

"Naaru watch over you," Daevra prayed, calling on the Light's gift to bless the creature as he hooted sleepily, then began to snore. Loudly. She grinned, her smaller companion in her arms, and headed for home.


((That is ADORABLE.))

((That is ADORABLE.))