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A Feathery Winter's Veil

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Clouds drifted high above Stormwind in a flat Grey mass letting loose a their puffy white flakes to descend upon the land scape below. Between the snow laden trees of the cities outskirts, a lone figure trudged through the deep drifts of white powder.


Rasheek shuffled along as he pondered what he has been seeing of the cities residents during the last week or so, all the races of the Alliance involved in what seemed to be some strange rituals of dressing up in greens and reds while putting brightly colored glowing objects above the doors to their nests. It made little sense to him about why they did such things, but as he watched them from one of the hills above the lower walls bordering the Outskirts or from one of the many arch ways he couldn't help but feel some how....left out.


People of all races seemed to be getting into it, sharing, laughing, having fun with their games. Despite his efforts to do so, he just couldn't make any sort of connection with the people of the Alliance, not like how he had seen people form during this time of the year.


With a deep whistling sigh he entered the clearing he called home. A circular wall of snow surrounded a closed in clump of trees providing some protection against the cold wind that accompanied the chillier weather. He turned his back to a well worn tree and dropped heavily to his bottom, the solid impact sending up a small cloud of snow as he leaned back against the bark.


He dug his claws into the snow idly as he peered up at what he could see of the gray skies from between the trees boughs. Sitting here in his little thicket, he really was all alone.


His ear twitched then. He could have sworn his strong hearing had just picked up something just outside their range. Another twitch, whatever it was it was getting closer. He sat up straighter and peered in the direction of the faint noise, it was quickly heading to the 'door' to his thicket!


Rasheek pushed himself to his feet and ready, feathers puffed and claws splayed, ready to face whatever intruder would come! Suddenly, the source of the faint noise appeared, the small round figure chirping excitedly as it bounced through the snow into Rasheek's thicket. A long exhale of held breath left the wildkin's beak as Blossom was always a welcome sight.


The younger of the pair bounded over to Rasheek in an overly excited manner. Rasheek hooted questioningly to Blossom, while happy to see him, not exactly sure why he was here and not with his purple female companion.


Blossom answered with a happy chirrr and held out his small paws, teeny tiny claws wrapped around and object covered in brightly colored paper. Blossom explained that it was for him!


Rasheek, not entirely understanding, bowed down and delicately accepted the present between two claws. He carefully began to peel the paper back in a slow fashion, he didn't want to break it after all! And as each fold became undone, Blossom bounced up and down barely able to contain his tiny glee.

Once fully unwrapped he held in his paw a single Grey feather, the base of which met a clear gem wrapped in a metal filigree which a long leather cord passing through a hoop. Being the mystical creature he was, he was easily able to sense the magic put into this charm. He turned his gaze to Blossom ,who had run a small rut in the snow as it shuffled around excitedly, and let out a question grunt followed bout a low warbling growl.

Blossom motioned for Rasheek to keep hold of the charm before turning to bounce quickly away and dove behind a tree. From behind the tree Rasheek could hear the young wildkin's chirps and high pitched hoops and strangely, her could almost see the out faint silhouette of the hatching's body. Understanding quickly formed in Rasheek's mind and he hooted for the young one to come back and as Blossom ran-bounced back to his side, he could see a matching charm hanging about his shoulders. With these two matching charms, they would be able to find each other now matter what!


A warmth filled his chest as he lifted the leather cord over his antlers to settle it around his neck. He couldn't remember a time when something was so generously given to him. After all, it wasn't to long ago that he was as crazy as the rest of his species.


He patted Blossom on the head, thanking him the gift and the little wildkin hugged his leg chirring happily. He felt some sadness though, for he had nothing in his possession to give in return.


...Or did he?


Inspiration struck and he whirled to face the tree he had previously been resting. Blossom tumbled back and he chirped softly in a worried fashion, afraid he might have somehow offended the larger Wildkin. Rasheek reached up high to the lowest hang branches and broke off the a pair of them that were sufficient in size and majesty for his sudden project. His claws ripped at the bark, thankful that it was still somewhat pliable and began to work the branches and thin strips of tree flesh together. It took a bit as his mighty claw where not designed for such delicate work but when he finished, he looked at his creation with pride and turned.


Blossom sat on his backside holding his paws together, his eyes large with worry. Rasheek moved closer and sat in front of Blossom and with both large paws, set his creation firmly on his feathered head. Blossom reached up tentatively to feel what had been sat on his head and as his little paws ran across the flex-able band sitting in place with two long branches sitting up straight and proud, the headband mimicking a set of antlers any adult wildkin would be proud to have.


Blossom jump to his feet chirping with joy at the present he'd been given and nearly lost his balance as the added weight was to awkward for his little legs! Rasheek quickly steadied him with a paw and with a hoot of caution, told him how to walk tall, and with pride, because Blossom was growing into a very respectable and fluffy Owlbear. Blossom clapped his paws together, his claws clicking as he did, and walked as told. No slouch, no bounce, with his back straight and gait rolling.


Rasheek leaned back against the tree and watched as Blossom strutted around the thicket mimicking what he had seen Rasheek do, hooting deeply and general being big and fluffy. And as the sky cleared to let the moon and stars shine in a dazzling spectacle down on the pair of Wildkin, Rasheek's dismissed his early thoughts on how his journey was turning out.


With Blossom around, maybe he wasn't as alone as he thought.




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