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Saturday Blackwing Descent, March 5/11 7:00 PM

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Night one blackwing descent! We got Argaloth, let's get into the real gritty fun!


Average item level 342 or better requested!



Dolraan, Protection Paladin



Rhianon, Restoration Shaman




Silda, Enhancement Shaman

Arlinaria, Survival Hunter

Brionagh, Elemental Shaman

Blackmask, Assassination Rogue

Raitha, Combat Rogue


Henii, Fire Mage

Twizzle, Arcane Mage


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Unfortunately, I have to sit

Unfortunately, I have to sit this particular week out because... I'm at GDC for the entire week! So I'm afraid I'm away from my computerbox. Next week, though.

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I promise I will give

I promise I will give explanations of trash and boss abilities if asked T . T

and I won't get myself locked to anything either.

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I finally hit the GS with my

I finally hit the GS with my new belt. Does anyone have alts that need to do the Crucible of Carnage? I'd love to trade in my Fire Etched Dagger for a Garish Gorebat since the jerky heroic bosses aren't giving up their weapons.

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I believe Julica is still

I believe Julica is still looking for a CoC group. And I could help out as well.

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I can also help heal/tank/dps

I can also help heal/tank/dps for that. The Gorebat is an awesome ele weapon and you'll get alot of use out of it until you get something better. You can also work on your Baradin dailies to try to get the 346 weapon from them (Shimmering Morningstar). That would have been my option if I hadn't gotten lucky in dungeons. I would tell you what Rhia is using right now for her ele weapon, but I logged off in resto gear >.<  Once you get that, you should pick up a lovely enchant :D (even for a 333!!). Hurricane will probably be the best option as haste, while being a somewhat secondary stat, is still trumping mastery atm, and the enchant is cheaper  :D

The BiS weapon enchant for ele right now is Power Torrent but that's insanely expensive.

(Note: I am lazy and Rhia has not enchanted her ele weapon. I am lazy and poor, actually XD )


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Yep, the Shimmering

Yep, the Shimmering Morningstar is on my list... though I blew 125 of my TB currency on the Stump of Time since it's the best thing I can get that's not a) the Volcano card or b) bought with Valor Points.

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Stump of Time is probably a

Stump of Time is probably a better purchase, if you weight them, since you can 346 weapon from dungeons but the Stump is an absolutely FABULOUS ele trinket. That you can't get elsewhere :p I was just saying, if you get really unlucky, there's always the Baradin weapon! XD

Crisara still needs CoC as

Crisara still needs CoC as well.