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Icecrown June 19/'10

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Also smash, with your new guildmaster! *gone fishin'*

Tenative Raid comp for tonight:



(one dps needed)


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daci heals goooo! or daci

daci heals goooo! or daci deeps if they are needed!

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Nanny or Twizzle again

Whatever you need Mrs. Darlain :)

Mother of the Meddlers

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Tzeidel plz.

Tzeidel plz.

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Second verse same as the

Second verse same as the first.

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

lesth is a go

lesth is a go

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In the future, Lesth,

In the future, Lesth, actually sign up :P but coolio, that'll do fine.

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Read up on the Valithria

Read up on the Valithria Dreamwalker fight, guys, we've an excellent comp for it.

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Something I wanted to try on

Something I wanted to try on valithria if you do her:

1 tank, 3 healers, 6 dps.

Tank handles the aboms and their worms. 1 dps focuses on killing supressors, dps the abom when there's none of them.  3 DPS go back and forth killing archmagi and burning skeletons. 1 DPS with decent kiting handles the exploding zombies. 1 DPS stays on the aboms at all times. 1 healer focusing exclusively on raid, one healer exclusively on valithria, and one healing the tank and valithria (Great paladin job); healers on valithria use the portals.


The fight itself is set up as a DPS check; not enough and the adds overwhelm. As long as DPS is strong enough, this could offset the extra healing theoretically required by having the adds spend a lot less time alive.

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Hate to cancel Kreszentia

Hate to cancel Kreszentia when y'all are in need of DPS, but I couldn't outrun my birthday dinner forever.

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