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Meddler Essay Draft 1

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((Fix and submit when ready.))


Hail to ye!

We heard yer havin’ trouble with a wee dragon beasty burnin’ things before its time.  Well yer in luck, because The Meddlers, the bes’ o’ the bes’ of heroes this side o’ Azeroth  are at yer disposal.  There’s no problem too big or too small won’ sniff out an’ solve.  We ain’ no group o’ cutthroats an’ ninja-lootin’ scumbags, ditchin’ when things get a wee bit rough!

So ask yerself – when yeh’ve got the hordes o’ evil crashin’ on the doors o’ Azeroth an’ yeh need some saviours to win the day, are yeh gonna ask the wee whiners who sit aroun’ and moan when their frostshocks arenae cold enough, or hide behind their wee paladin bubbles, hopin’ things just get easy for ‘em?  Or do yeh wanna see some real heroes fight the good fight an’ save the day?  The Meddlers got whatcha need.

Keep yer feet on th’ ground.

Darlain Truthhammer
Meddler Narrator and Honourable Dwarf


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It's 161 words by Microsoft's

It's 161 words by Microsoft's count with a thick, inexplicable dwarven accent.  I'd say it's eye-catchine enough to be in the pool to be drawn.

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I like it :]

I like it :]

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I added two sentences first

I added two sentences first at the end of the first paragraph:
Nae only that, but we've bin' doin all this since the days when the biggest thing wot folks 'ad tae worry about were some elemental lord them Dark Irons summoned.

and a little quip at the end
The Meddlers got whatcha need, and will be 'appy tae represent the Shadow Council realm.

Before submitting it. Just in case the judges are a third party and wanted to know things like how long we've been around and what server we play on. Overall I couldn't be more pleased. Lets hope we win!

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Sounds good to me.

Sounds good to me.

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Minor stuff, mostly grammar

Minor stuff, mostly grammar and consistency stuff.

There's an extra space that shouldn't be there after "Azeroth" in "this side o' Azeroth  are at"

There's an "of" not cut off into an "o'" in "the bes’ o’ the bes’ of heroes this"

"too small won’ sniff" to "too small we won’ sniff"

This is supposed to be written by a resident of the US.  No "u" in "savior." (I've been writing like a brit too long, the yankee spelling looks funny.)

Need a comma after the "Well" in "Well yer in luck, because"

You don't cut off "the" anywhere in the essay except in the "Keep your feet on  th' ground."  That's one of those consistency things.

-You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.  ~C.S. Lewis

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Well too late to fix the

Well too late to fix the consistent dwarvan spellings, but I did americanize savior.