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[Daevra] Simply Waiting

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Daevra clasped her hands around her mug and listened to the buzz of the Exodar's market. The crowd ebbed and flowed around the table without her seeing individuals, or anyone seeing her. She was always amazed at how the larger the crowd, the lonelier one felt.

There were the whispers of voices in the back of her mind, of course, keeping her from being truly alone. She had never been very good at controlling her own responses, or hearing some conversations she really ought to have been paying attention to, or picking up where others were within the Link itself. It seemed such a simple thing when Vasily explained in his deep warm voice that she could listen to all day, but she could never quite get the hang of the Link's details.

Unlike her sister, who seemed to have no trouble with the Meddler's mental Link, able to fall off the radar at a moment's notice. Daevra sighed and sipped her tea as she watched the merchant across the way.

She remembered Ahmik only vaguely; one of the men her sister knew and didn't like to have come around. Sasha preferred to go to them when she chose, not the other way around. Ahmik was a good man though, and his wife had been a kind woman; she'd given Daevra treats once when she was very little, that time she and Sasha had come across their stall at Telredor. It had been awkward, the girl later realized, though her younger self had been distracted by the sweets.

But now Ahmik was running his store alone. His wife was dead, and his son was a baker now, with his own shop. The story Sasha had told involved a bakery, where she had gotten the food for the orphans she claimed she hadn't helped after all. It seemed a good place to start, to find out what had upset her so much to make her leave again.

And what she had meant when she glibly added a son of her own to such a tale? Something deep in Daevra's gut didn't believe it was a lie. Most people had “tells” when they fibbed; Sasha's tells occurred when she was speaking a truth she didn't want others to know.

Leave it to her older sister to be backwards from most people. Daevra idly wondered if it had to do with her age. Mama Ana and Griznos were older yet and could be very confusing while also making sense. Daevra figured she had a few centuries to go before coming close to figuring out her elders.

Like Ahmik. The man saw her waiting and shook his head. She had come every day since the meeting where the healers had tried to trap Sasha. Ahmik didn't seem to have any information about Sasha's whereabouts, but there was something he wouldn't tell the young mage. Something she was determined to learn anyway, even with the strain of constantly teleporting between continents.

Daevra smiled at Ahmik; Blossom hooted softly from the seat next to her and waved a stubby wing-arm. Out of politeness, the merchant came over and sat with her, taking a cup and eating dinner. He deflected questions and probing comments, sometimes sitting silently while Daevra chattered.

That was fine, Daevra resolved. Part of growing up was learning to have patience; the Draenei have plenty of time, after all.