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;{Lenresh and Lothan}; Housecalls

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When Lenresh arrived at the Aerie, midnight had come and past. The night watch had likely changed shifts, and gliding on the cold night air he observed the number of watch fires. Since the cataclysm, the dwarves had doubled their patrols, preparation against possible Twilight incursions. But tonight security seemed relaxed. Lenresh hoped it was a sign that some form of sanity was slowly returning to the world.

Not wanting to set off any alarms by dropping out of the sky and onto the Wildhammers’ doorstep, he landed in the nearby woods. Exhausted from a day and night of flight, he briefly considered sleeping in a tree. After sleeping in similar woods for most of his life, it would have been just as comfortable as bed. But the Hinterlands were a very wet place, and he did not feel like getting rained on.

After resuming his elven shape, he searched for one of the many stone paths that lead to the Aerie. He encountered a patrol soon after finding the path. After some brandishing of weapons, Lenresh showing his guild tabard and some documents, and finally with one of the patrollers recognizing him, Lenresh was escorted down to the entrance of the large structure that served as the Meddlers’ base of operations.

“Damn pain in th'arse, ye comin' in so felling late,” one of his escorts said as they left him under the massive iron gate. Meddlers were allowed access to the rooms the Wildhammers had provided for them at any time, but one of the Bards was likely to get an ear-full for one of their members interpreting that hospitality so literally. Lenresh offered an apology, but the dwarf merely grunted and rejoined his men.

Passing up through the dark and lifeless hangars and passages, he eventually reached his room. He could hear some of his guild mates snoring as they made use of their own temporary residents. Most nights those rooms were unused, as nearly all Meddlers had homes of their own they'd rather return to. Lenresh was among the few who had no permanent home in the Easter Kingdoms, so he made use of a warm bed whenever he could find one.

He was surprised to find Lothan sitting in a chair by the window. The man was writing in a small leather journal, and dressed in the clothes he used for their nightly escapades. From the look on his face, Lenresh doubted he had good news.

“About time you showed up,” Lothan said, shutting his book. “I was starting to worry that some hunter had decided that your crow form looked particularly edible.”

“What are you doing here?” Lenresh asked. If it was urgent, Lothan could have used the mind link to get in contact with him.

“Waiting for you, obviously,” Lothan said with slight amusement. “But there's a situation. We need to act fast.”

Lenresh crossed his arms and leaned back against the door. “Alright, by why the secrecy? The link isn't exactly susceptible to eavesdropping.”

“Except from our fellow Meddlers, who will either try to stop us or demand to help. And we don't have time to wait for them. Lord M is about to go on a business trip, and guess who he's going with.”

“Not a clue.”

“Eric Drunsfeld.”

“Elune shine on our mosey asses!” Lenresh swore. He and Lothan had uncovered Drunsfeld's connection to the Twilight’s Hammer months ago. He was an active member and financial supporter of the fanatics. In fact, he and Lothan only days away from presenting their evidence to SI:7 and having the man arrested.

“My sentiments exactly. And with the way the war is going, our lord M is likely to be moving every damning document and letter he has out of his house by tomorrow.” Lothan leaned forward and gave the elf a knowing look. “Fancy some burglary?”

Lenresh grinned.