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icecrown night 2, august 7 at 7:00 PM

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Confirmation: I'm working tonight, have fun!



- Tzeidel, Protection Paladin

- Anechka, Blood Death Knight


- Darlain, Holy Priest




- Blackmask, Assassination Rogue

- Raitha, Combat Rogue

- Staroda, Arms Warrior

- Maryse, Arcane mage

- Christover, Fury Warrior


- Kytrina, Arcane Mage

- Arlinaria, Marksman Hunter


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Just Staroda for night 2,

Just Staroda for night 2, dunno how Ras's gear stands up.

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Tzei could *possibly* do

Tzei could *possibly* do Night 2 with the buff -- I'll check her current WH score later but her gear is 264/251/232. Although I'm probably very conservative about her tonking abilities.

Note ~ This is if you need to fill in a tonk slot! :D

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An-ech-KA! *Pose*

An-ech-KA! *Pose*

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

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I will bring Christover to Smash things up!

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Hey everyone! I was just

Hey everyone! I was just looking at the signups and... I don't think Raitha wanted to bring Amiela on night two, I think she wanted to rogue it up on saturday.

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We'll probably be having to

We'll probably be having to do some rejiggering, Black. I'll do my best to let her go on raitha though.

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Note: it is very helpful, if

Note: it is very helpful, if you want to bring a particular character on a particular day, for you to note this! Otherwise I will make you dance like puppets! PUPPETS I SAY!

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Rhianom: I am ill :/  I hate

Rhianom: I am ill :/  I hate stepping out at the last minute but right now, I can barely swallow or talk, thus hindering my gaming enthusiasm :p  If I'm online, I'll be able to come but if you can possibly find someone else, that would be awesome. I know it is highly unfortunate that I am either a healer/tank :/