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I'm just doing tactical

I'm just doing tactical overview.  Between Carrion Crown as a setting and Nich as a creative GM, there aren't really any guarantees.


If we're focusing on saving villagers, we can't miss a single chance at this point, so maximizing coverage is important.  Ariam can only reach the end one, so you should leave that one to her and try to save the one only you can get to.  Any rolls we fail or opportunities we miss leave us hoping that NPCs can pick up our slack to prevent fire fatalities.


It also leaves us with less coverage against the skulls.  If they start trying to slaughter helpless villagers and keep their distance from the heroes, we're losing people no matter what happens.  We can try to distract or block them, but then we can't control all the fires.  If you save the closest villager, we free Ariam up for tactical coverage against skulls, and she's probably the best at it.  But then we have nobody to save the South-Center villager from fire, unless the alchemist has a fire extinguisher potion in her pocket or something.


It's gonna be tight either way, and mostly ends up asking which force we're more worried about acting freely.

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For the moment, I'll switch

For the moment, I'll switch my target to the south center villager and put him out.

I could also channel magic at the skulls and maybe get them both (but not likely with our rolls), but I can only get one of them at the moment anyway. I'll focus on the water.