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((There is something that goes between this blog and the last one, just haven't quite gotten it done yet.))


[A small box is dropped off at the house Rhaala shares with her mother. Inside is a pile of hastily-folded clothes, a folded letter, and a battered key.

The letter, when unfolded, reveals a page of shaky writing.]


I hope you get this. And I pray that, despite everything, you'll keep reading.

There is absolutely nothing I could say, or do, to tell you how sorry I am.

I tried to handle things on my own, exactly the opposite of everything I told you to do.

And during it all, I lost some things: my confidence, self worth, sanity....and you.

I found your key on my doorstep, but I can't remember you being at my place all week.

And that scares me.

I never, -ever-, want any moment I have with you be forgotten, whether it's good or bad.

But I need help for that. I'm going to the Cathedral. I think the priests there can help.

Everything in this box is yours. Especially the key.

Please, stay close to Ark and Xilly. You all need each other, now more than ever.

I love you, Rhaala.

Please, wait for me.



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((Awww, Ki'in! Hope she reads

((Awww, Ki'in! Hope she reads the whole thing. :) ))