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Saturday Terrace of Endless Spring, June 1, 7:00 PM

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I think we can handle one more week at this at the least. Be sure to scrounge up some strats for the Sha of Fear!


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I actually really like this

I actually really like this raid. It's pretty, it's short, the fights are interesting (it probably helps it has a healer challenge!) but not too crazy, and it has a good lore connection to the launch story; all elements that make me appreciate a raid. No mantid is also a real plus for me! XD

I agree that it seems way less chaotic than MSV; still opens with a 3 boss fight, but those 3 are always the same. That makes more sense than the first encounter being variable; these guys and the puppies should have been swapped mechanics-wise (I see puppies as harder mechanically and think that makes more sense for the last raid of a tier instead of the intro).

I think it's a shame Terrace was blocked by HoF for so long. I understand why from a storytelling PoV, definitely, but I think they could have removed the block in 5.2 to give casual raid groups a way to gear up for ToT and see content in Normal; they KNEW groups like ours weren't pushing through the raid content as fast, but ah well, it's open now!

I mostly really want that Tranquil Master title. My cheevo-hunting tendencies combined with it being a really cool title for RP rearing up again :)

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I was mentioning to Ivi and

I was mentioning to Ivi and Henii that what we might want to consider for Sha is 2 healing it and getting that extra dps. The whole fight really hinges on getting those adds down -- and as long as that's being handled, healing is mostly a non-issue. With about 1 half of the raid almost always out on the gazebo with 1 healer (or all healers back in the raid with no one on the gazebo); I don't see the problem in leaving just one healer behind to babysit the remaining raid. I think 2 healers left behind might be overkill. We were dying alot to the adds -- but that's really not possible to heal through once you reach a critical mass since all the debuffs just one shot folks.

Note - If Nore and Dar want to heal (which is cool with me), Rhia is perfectly capable of bringing reasonable dps + her cd's (healing tide, etc) and some off healing as necessary. Of course, no Rhia means no mana tide and I'm not sure how mana will be looking in the last 20-30%

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I agree; the Sha itself isn't

I agree; the Sha itself isn't dangerous, it's the add build up that killed me eventually. I never went on a field trip and just got bombed by the adds with that debuff. If control on them is maintained and Sha has a target in the happy circle, there's not really enough damage going out to worry about it, and most of what there is can be semi-avoided.

People can also use self-heals and defensive CD's a little more often. But I feel like 2 healing will be managable (if not preferable, as it means the debuff doesn't stack on a healer because they're always swapping out). Darlain can also go Shadow, if Rhia healing would be more effective. I tried Ret again and was hopeless at it, so I'm stuck healing XD

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Definitely agree here, I

Definitely agree here, I don't mind shadowing myself, either, but I really don't know what kinda numbers I bring as I mainly just scenario and solo as shadow.

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Can't come

Sorry, I forgot I had a wedding today so I'll not be available for tonight.  If you're short people, bug Nich.

Mother of the Meddlers

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lol Nanny you're so

lol Nanny you're so awesome...  "I can't raid tonight, go get my son instead."

It's like so... completely anti my family it's great. :-)

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Once again, if you need

Once again, if you need people, I can pretend to know what I'm doing! ^_^

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Sweet!! :D -tosses Lai-Ning

Sweet!! :D -tosses Lai-Ning bodily at the Sha of Fear-  Get'em!!

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