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From the Journal of Sir Dolraan the Tenacious

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Henii is safe. Those words should bring me more comfort than they do. There is a sense of ease I haven't felt for a few weeks now, helped by hearing Rhianon in the other room, talking to Henii as she tends to the wounds from her weeks of torture.

Casualties were low. Everyone was exhausted by the ordeal, and I'm still waiting to hear about Scott's wound from the Dragoons, but we got everyone out alive. "Mibbles" as we've been calling him, is no more. To be sure, I sent word to the Crusade base in Icecrown to keep an eye on that cavern in case any more residual old god miasma is still causing troubles.

The stalkers were destroyed, thanks to Tarecgosa's spell, and Lai-ning. I'm still unhappy with how she was drawn into this conflict. I fear she may have been pulled into this lifestyle now, whether she likes it or not.

I think that is what is troubling me most. I am no stranger to this kind of horror. There are stories I still haven't told about what I've seen, what I've experienced. I've learned to rely on my faith, and my friends, to see me through the darkest of times. I've dedicated my life, willingly, to opposing the darkness, at whatever personal cost it will come to. But I worry about some of the others. Others, new friends and allies. I worry that they did not fully understand what they were getting into.

We test those who seek to join us. We test their might, their character, their very sanity, so that we can be sure they'll be as ready as they can be. But no test is sufficient when compared to facing pure evil for the first time. I saw the fear in the eyes of those who were with me tonight in Icecrown, those who have fought the good fight, but never faced an evil like this, one that didn't want us dead, just wanted us to hurt. There was no grand scheme here. No apocalyptic plan. Just a madman with power and a grudge, who wanted us to suffer as I can only imagine he did.

I think I understand now, why Nicholai never tries to change the mind of those who choose to retire from the Meddlers. No matter how we test them, no matter how we work to prepare them, the nature of the threats we face are unfathomable by their very nature. No one is walking away tonight without a new scar, if not across their bodies, then across their souls. To some of us, it is just added to the collection. But to others, I fear it might be too much.

So, I will wait and see where I am needed most. Those Meddlers who escaped untouched by this madness will be there for the others to lean on, because there isn't one of us now who misunderstands what we do. If some feel that they've done all they can, we will wish them well, and free them to seek out another life. We are the Meddlers. That means we are willing to lay down more than our lives to keep the darkness at bay. We go into the abyss so that others might never know it exists. We look into that darkness, and when it looks back we shine our light and blind it. We are writing a story of sacrifice and friendship, and in so doing understand those better than most.

We are the Meddlers. There is nothing the darkness can destroy or corrupt that we cannot rebuild and purify. Even now dark clouds continue to approach, from the depths of Orgrimmar. We will be ready. We must be ready.

For all those who will never have to know what we do.


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((I like the voice here; it's

((I like the voice here; it's very strong.

I also totally have this image of Dolraan sitting at a desk lit by a single candle and writing in journal while you hear the voice-over in the background.