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Wrathion Questline 5.3 Challenge of the Celestials!

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Welp folks, I'm at the part of the Wrathion chain where we stomp around pandaria and seek the blessing of the August Celestials, and pass their tests.

Soo... I'm thinking about doing an RP thing about it with Daci, and doing some kind of collaborative story thing with the events therein sooo.. if anyone has any interest, leave a post behind with ideas or whatever comes to mind. :D


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I'm two Titan Runestones away

I'm two Titan Runestones away from that myself.  Might be able to run through it with you.

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As I suggested to Daci, I

As I suggested to Daci, I think it would be really neat if Daci was sent to play along with Wrathion so we can try and figure out his plans. The best way to do this would be to put a wire on daci, then feed instructions into her ear, leading to various amounts of frustration and hilarity.