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[Arkav] Shrooms

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((Ark's contribution to the "Favorite Foods July" prompt, with a twist! 55 words))

She made mushrooms again.
He knew he just needed to tell her.
But she looked so pleased!
The smell made him think of musty, moldy days in the ‘Marsh.
The texture was slick and a tad rubbery.
He said it was delicious— it was well made.
He’d just prefer to never see a mushroom again.


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(( Arkav dislikes mushrooms,

(( Arkav dislikes mushrooms, Lirriel's afraid of snakes... Do you happen, perhaps, to have a druid with a grudge against badgers? ))


(( This makes perfect sense for him, of course. ))

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((Don't forget Nore's water

((Don't forget Nore's water phobia. ;)

Vember doesn't mind badgers at all!))

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((I bet mushroom and eel stew

((I bet mushroom and eel stew was a common menu item in the Marsh, especially during all the conflict :p ))