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Report: The Rhane Family Shield [Dragoon plot!]

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A copy of Alynore's latest report makes its way to the Bards...

The trip to the Scarlet Monastery proved interesting. Commander Alynore Forrester, Dragoon Jörmund Rhane, and Recruits Tsukuyömi, Ellen Briarwood, and Lai-Ning Silverpaw assaulted the Monastery in a search for the Rhane Family Shield. Despite angry hounds, a crazy man burning books, dangerous warriors, and Whitemane being herself, the Dragoons were able to find the shield in a crypt.

However, the shield's colors are wrong--instead of red and gold, it's purple and black. The shield would not bind to Jörmund properly, but began to affect his mind; he became violent and possessive of the shield. Tsu had already left for the Vale, so Ellen, Lai, and Nore subdued Jörmund and returned to Stormwind. The shield is being held in magic containment in the Mage Tower for now. Jörmund, until the connection and/or his mental state can be determined, is locked in the secure room in our building under guard and medical care.

Commander Forrester intends to get assistance learning about Jörmund's father's fate, and the corruption in the shield. Last known, the elder Rhane went to Northrend on Prince Arthas' original expedition against Mal'ganis, and never returned. The possibility of him being among the undead is high. The corruption cannot be allowed to continue.


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((If you need Rhia to do her

((If you need Rhia to do her 'i see dead people' thing, just let her know! ))

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Update: Jörmund's Condition

To all the Dragoon officers and Meddler bards...

On Sunday, Rhianon got a chance to look at Jörmund's family shield. On contact, an aura awoke, and tried to creep up Rhia's arm. The Light and physical pulling away separated her from the shield, but the shield tried to regain contact, showing something of a will of its own. The shield was subdued and placed back in containment, Rhia was taken back to the Shrine for rest by Venner.

Later, Valicka Wildeye and Pilgrim tried to use the Dream to gauge Jörmund's situation. They reported some kind of malicious spiritual entity feeding off Jörmund's negative emotions--probably for years, and awoken to strength by the shield's contact. It appears Jörmund is aware of it and trying to keep this presence a secret since at least Wednesday.

The druids were unable to severe the connection of subdue the spirit. They claim they were barely able to get away, only temporarily weakening the thing. They recommend senior druids from Moonglade coming to assist.

They described the entity as sha-like; given how long it's been affecting Jörmund, it can't be sha, but something similar enough to make a comparison. If this has been affecting Jörmund for years, it explains his history as well.

My theory is this creature has been feeding off of and influencing the Rhane family for years. The shield is tied in as a focus, perhaps, or a way to transmit the entity from one to another. The shield's corruption is still possibly linked to Jonars Rhane (Brennan and Briarwood were able to confirm a few things known, but found mostly rumor as to Jonars' final fate), but the root of this problem for Jörmund's family is much older.

((Also, Jörmund wrote a thing on the Dragoon forums!))