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[Rhiswyn] The Game

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((All Jörmund's fault. It's Rhis, so warning for mild sexual references.))

Rhiswyn Linder simply was not used to being told “no.”

Often, she set her sights on someone and they were flattered. They’d blush, perhaps, squirm a little, act shy. But their eyes flickering over her body, their caught breath, their words…It didn’t take long until they were in her arms, eager to sate the need she purposely stirred in their veins.

Dolraan had been one of a handful who’d made the mistake of trying to claim her whole affection. Rhiswyn just didn’t work that way. While she could certainly envy the intimacy of a committed couple, partners too often got the idea that things were fixed, and that somehow there was a duty and exclusivity that Rhiswyn had never agreed to, that had never come up in conversation.

She didn’t belong to anyone. She had her own desires, and enjoyed the freedom to pursue them. Many times, others were quite willing to indulge with her for a time or two.

Then there was Jörmund Rhane.

The man was everything a human paladin ought to look like in his muscular form, his golden hair, his shining armor. He had a troubled past but had come through the other side, and now served in The Silver Dragoons under that prudish ice maiden.

As much as Rhiswyn knew Jörmund wanted her—could see it in his gaze, could practically smell it when she leaned in to tempt him—he still refused her. Politely. He had even begun to tease her in return, making hints and false promises. It only made the game more interesting.

A game he had begun, she would contend, with that fiery kiss while helping ward her room. That single taste made her regret letting him slip away that day. If she’d had him then, this wouldn’t be an issue still.

It was quite easy to find other partners for an evening. The frustration of Jörmund Rhane would vanish—until the next time she saw him, and remembered her determination to have him in her bed, to feel his skin against hers and hear his voice shouting her name in pleasure.

Perhaps there was something wrong with her…Nonsense!

Rhiswyn could be patient. Sooner or later, Jörmund would give in to his passions, and she could put this game behind her, secure in her victory over that lovely, stoic man. Meanwhile, there were plenty of others willing to cool her fires.

It was just a matter of time.


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((Rhiswyn getting shut

((Rhiswyn getting shut down...too bad I missed that!

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"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"