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Weekly and Icecrown, Tuesday 9/7/2010 7:00 PM server

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Alrighty folks, gonna be a bit of a changeup for night 1 this week. We'll be extending the lock to get a bit more practice on Sindragosa for this night, so make sure you're sindy ready. If after a bit she's not down, we'll reset and do the first four bosses (alt swaps will go then). If she does go down, then the only thing between us and Lich King will be blood queen, and we have her number.



Tanks Dolraan and?

Healers Dar Daci and Rhia

DPS Black Kres Twizzle Maryse and Sasha



Tanks Bolling and Tzeidel

Healers Dar Daci and ?

DPS Dolraan Kres Twizzle Mary and Sasha



As stands, our best bet is to grab another healer, as Tzeidel is very much made of tonk regardless of the content, though I bet Rhia wants a shot at a certain shield.


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Unless I'm really needed as a healer, I'd like to bring Twizzle again.

Mother of the Meddlers

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as Daci naturally

as Daci naturally

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And I'd like to switch to

And I'd like to switch to Tzei if/when we do alt swaps :D

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Sasha or Cerwis, depending on

Sasha or Cerwis, depending on if you need more Melee or ranged :D

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To Rhianon and Blackmask:Can

To Rhianon and Blackmask:

Can you please log Tzeidel and Bolling out in their protection gear and spec for an armory update? Much appreciated.

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Tzei is logged out in her

Tzei is logged out in her prot gear and spec.

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I have to withdraw on

I have to withdraw on tuesday.

Suprise inventory =(

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I can actually provide you

I can actually provide you with a healer that will be no competition for shields. ;-) I'm sure it'll be easier to replace a DPS than to find a healer.