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Icecrown night 2, 9/11/10, 7:00 PM

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With the first four bosses and the plague twins now waiting on their res timer, chances are you'll be seeing putricide, the blood princes, and Blood Queen Lana'thel. Darlain, I'd advise getting the mod Vamp. Enjoy, I'll be at work.


Anechka, Frost Death Knight

Tzeidel, Protection Paladin (tentative)


Darlain, Holy Priest

Nannyogg, Restoration Druid

Dacianna, Holy Paladin


Blackmask, Assassination Rogue

Raitha, Combat Rogue

Kreszentia, Arcane Mage

Maryse, Arcane Mage

Arlinaria, Marksman Hunter


Tyberio, Fury Warrior


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Depends if we continue on or

Depends if we continue on or start over. If we start over I can tank on Bolling! If we continue on I'd like to stay on Blackmask

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Same if we start over I'd

Same if we start over I'd like to bring Amiela. If not I'd like to bring Raitha.


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Bringing Twizzle

Same as Tuesday - if you don't need the healer, then I'd like to bring Twizzle

Mother of the Meddlers

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I'll bring Lin for

I'll bring Lin for Tank/deeps, depending on what we need. :)

I don't want to use my raid

I don't want to use my raid credit for night two since we might be starting over, so if too much deeps already that is fine :-)

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Tentativly signing up as

Tentativly signing up as Anechka tank

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If someone cant make it I

If someone cant make it I will gladly come Deeps on Chris again. :)  

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If you are very nice, I could

If you are very nice, I could bring Tzei to tonk.

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Please consider Tzei

Please consider Tzei tentative since I haven't been feeling too well the past day or so and might just want to rest :)

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Sorry about missing this. 

Sorry about missing this.  Apparently one of my brothers recently passed the Bar and no one thought to tell me, or tell me that I was invited to the family celebration tonight.  I literally was getting out of the car after getting home from Amtgard to find my dad leaving the house.  "Perfect timing!  You can drive us to the party!" "What party?"

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