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[Alynore] Flame

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Tiny fire and smoke creatures danced for her amusement. Their forms flowed and flickered across the stone hearth, into the air, fading into wind or bursting into sparks and embers to be reborn in the ash.

She reached for one, a perfect miniature horse of smoke with eyes, mane, tail, and wings of pale flame. The heat singed the ends of her tiny fingers, and she popped them into her mouth.

“Careful, darling.” Ma bent down to check the child’s fingertips. “It’s as dangerous as it is pretty.” She snapped her own fingers.

The cooking fire absorbed the ephemera, and Ma began dinner. The child was sad for the creatures, but playtime was over.

She wondered, though, if any horses like that could be real. Maybe someday she’d find out.


Tenacity and her Paladin


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(( D'aww... ))

(( D'aww... ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."

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Words cannot

Words cannot express...

...not even in spanish XDD

"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"

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(( This is absolutely

(( This is absolutely adorable. Also, I didn't know 'Nore's mom was magic, but then again I don't know anything about her family.))

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((Nore's mom being a fire

((Nore's mom being a fire mage has always been a big part of her backstory blogs, but until recently, most of those were posted solely to Haven/old Dragoons site. It's why Nore's actually fairly comfortable with and knowledgeable about magic.

Her mom was also more like Ivi or Rhis (though only interested in men), which is a large part of Nore's own reactions to that behavior, actually. And why it's such an undertaking to learn who exactly Nore's father was, in a plot Venner's messing with when he's not trying to save his girlfriend from her sociopathic ex.

Like I said on Haven, this was originally part of a longer piece; I wrote 2 pages of stuff at the end of July when I learned of the magic prompt and it just wasn't working. This morning I zoomed in on this memory snippet and then realized as I was revising it to stand alone that I was pretty much describing the Tyrael's Charger, which I use for Nore's paladin mount, Tenacity.

So it really worked out.))

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(( Save the Gilly, save the

(( Save the Gilly, save the world xD ))

"I travel, I write, I kill things."