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Reluctant Influence

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((We haven't got a lot of stories here yet. So here's a cross-posting from Haven about some familiar faces tangling with the Dragoons lately...))

Lirriel sighed as she looked over the letters she'd written. On the desk was an array of stamps and seals, signifiers of her positions in the Alliance's many faction. The petite priestess grimaced. She didn't like to exert the influence she'd gained simply by doing what was needed, what was right. But this was a case she couldn't ignore, not when a friend and colleague was being endangered.

So the annoying fly would get no where else to hide. Her own kind didn't want her, and Lirriel had already seen to it that Dalaran wasn't a safe place to run after a previous encounter. It seemed now that she was going to have to call in more favors to tighten the noose further.

Each of the formal letters to the leaders of various Sentinel, Peacekeeper, Guard, Thief Catcher, Mountaineer, and other policing units in each of the Alliance cities and their nearby towns were similarly written. They described in detail the appearance and general modus operandi of Victoria Blue, annoyance to the Meddlers and Dragoons both.

They were also Kill on Sight orders, for the crimes of disturbing the peace, threatening citizens, attempted assault, aggravated assault, kidnapping, torture, attempted murder, and murder, of Alliance citizens. The Meddlers had managed to capture Victoria once, but it apparently held neither promise of execution or rehabilitation. Simple imprisonment, which she had inevitably escaped with the help of one of her various dupes.

Outwardly, the priestess calmly folded and sealed the letters, stamping them with the appropriate marks. Inwardly, she cringed whenever her eyes glimpsed the word “kill.” The Commander was right, however, and even though Lirriel held no respect for Victoria and what she had and had not managed to do, that didn't mean the nuisance wasn't a potential threat.

Particularly since her newest pet had targeted a Dragoon. That one burned most of all, for as much as he claimed to care about the Dragoons, Staroda hadn't bothered to tell them of Crisara's threat. In Lirriel's experience, it was generally Victoria's minions who were capable and the only reason she managed to succeed in anything beyond cackling and hopping through a convenient portal. There had been that annoying purple armored fellow who had helped with Cerwis and Felian's captures. Cerwys had been troublesome before Victoria had killed the construct, returning that torn portion of soul to Cerwis. And now she'd done the same to a warlock with an already dubious history.

The priestess winced again. The letters also described Crisara—or rather, her double—in detail, and the orders there were to use any and all means necessary to restrain and detain the woman for further questioning. It would likely make the warlock's life difficult for awhile, but let Staroda and the Gray Myst handle that, if he was so hellbent on protecting the girl.

Lirriel frowned again as she sealed another copy. Perhaps the warlock would be at the Meddler meeting again this week; she seemed to be running to them for safety almost as much as the Myst. Lirriel could apologize then, and maybe encourage the girl to stand up for herself and fight for her own redemption, rather than hiding behind men like Staroda. If she truly meant to reform.

Lirriel was still angry about the Night Elf's whole part in this mess, plus Cerwis' issues. He wasn't helping any of the women or their situations, no matter how much he spoke of his honor and duty. As far as Lirriel could tell, the claim was more something to hide behind than to face what was going wrong.

She gathered the letters into her bag and stood. She wasn't taking chances with the mail, but would use portals to facilitate travel, to be sure they were distributed properly. Reaffirming her own commitment to each of the factions wasn't a bad idea. An alliance only held so long as the people in it worked together, after all. When that stopped...

Lirriel sighed and rubbed her eyes, trying to put Staroda and his choices out of her mind. She didn't agree with them, but they were his, mistakes or not. The only ones she couldn't truly accept were his forcing the argument with Cerwis, and not informing them of the danger Delphiee was in.

Hopefully this would go a way to rectifying that. It might just make Victoria alter targets, or change tactics, but neither she nor her minions would have so many places to hide, or threaten the public so easily. Not without drawing a lot of attention, anyway.