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When the Gloves Come Off

Henii's picture

Henii walked with purpose through the halls of her manor, her loose robes billowing behind her long strides.

The heavy magic-reinforced doors to her Arcanium flew open at her approach before slamming shut behind her after she entered.

Arcane runes began to glow brightly as she stopped in the centre of the massive room, the inside far larger than physically possible.

Her face was a mask of focused determination as powerful magic swirled around her hands. Thrusting her hands to the side, palm out, the energy surged in an explosion and the room became a black sky full of stars.

As the Great Dark Beyond streached endlessly around her, she began her hunt. There had to be an answer for Rhianon and if they could not find it on Azeroth she will find it elsewhere.

Henii reused to let duty interfere anymore then it should, not after Rhianon brought her back.

 She will help her friend no matter the price.


Lirriel's picture

((Goodness. Gloves coming off

((Goodness. Gloves coming off indeed!))

Lu Zeitan's picture

(( And then you get an idea

(( And then you get an idea of just how terrifyingly powerful this woman is Oo'' ))

Linu Theillos's picture

(( Well that's the thing

(( Well that's the thing about power.. the truly strong and confident don't need to wave it around on a big stick for everyone to see. It's there when it counts.. something that Linu's mother drilled into her from an early age. Linu only brings out the big guns when someone's life is at stake. Otherwise she's fairly content raising her family, doing research, and lending her talents when the other Meddlers need her. :-)