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Arlinaria sat at the edge of Dun Niffelem, staring out into the swirling snow, Kilala curled into a ball against her thigh.  Arlinaria pet Kilala absently, thinking about Victoria and Makar, plotting revenge.  Though she preferred to be alone when not working with the Meddlers, Arli regretted the time spent studying Vordrassil.  Time she should have spent with her only brother, the last of her family.  She’d thought he was gone forever for so long, then one day he walked up to her, a Death Knight.  She thought she had time to get to know him, until he was ripped away from her. Murdered in the middle of Stormwind by one of Victoria’s minions.

Arlinaria was deep in thought when Darlain’s voice reached her through the mind link, making her jump.  Even after a little over a year in the link she still couldn’t get used to it.  Arli listened to Darlain’s story.  Molly, the only person Arlinaria considered a close friend, dropped off a baby at Darlain’s door.  This was followed by Ktar reclaiming the baby, and informing Darlain that Molly was missing, presumed dead.

Arlinaria felt a cold, black rage coming over her as she realized that her only remaining friend was gone, most likely murdered.  The rage transferred to Kilala, waking her up and causing her blood to heat.

Someone was going to pay.


((I can't figure out how to

((I can't figure out how to make the weird stuff go away))

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((It's code from posting

((It's code from posting directly from a word file, I think. There should be a button in the rich text editor to remove it. What I do is copy and paste everything to notepad first, take off word wrap (this also helps to make sure paragraph breaks are looking right) and then I paste it into the website. The codes have the potential to break the rest of the page temporarily, though an admin can also clean them up.))

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Fixed the formatting for you.

Fixed the formatting for you.

Thank you :-)

Thank you :-)