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[Jemiri] Ghost Story

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The night found Jemiri wandering the streets of Stormwind. The pale moon shined it's light through the gathering clouds that would soon show the impressiveness of the cities name sake. Normally she would not be out this late at night but a touch at mind, a nudge, a whisper, urged her to walk.

She stopped at the ruined edges of what was once the Park District. Only broken pieces of charred stone are all that remained of the once popular rest spot. It was there that the she heard the sounds, soft and quiet, it almost beckoned to her. Stepping through the ruins, she began her search.


She followed the soft sounds until she recognized what it was; the gentle sobs of crying. She hurried quickly, obviously concerned for a child out this late. Her search wasn't long before she found the source of the sobs. A young human boy dressed in well to do schools uniform. The boy sat in the corner, most of his body hidden by shadows as he wept in a tight ball.


Jemiri's heart pounded. There was something off about this yet she could not put her finger on it. She shook her head to try and dismiss those feelings as she slowly approached.


“L-little boy?” She asked, fighting to keep her voice calm and reassuring despite the uncertainty filling her mind. “Are you okay? Where are your parents?”


Either unheard or ignored the boy did not respond to her. Swallowing a lump, she moved closer. She crouched by the sobbing child and touched his shoulder with a gentle, purple hand, “Little boy?”


At the touch the child turned. As his body was more revealed to the light of the moon Jemiri's eyes widened in shock. The hidden side was little more then charred flesh and broken bone. The one remaining eye the boy had looked up at the draenai in fear, pleading at her for something, anything.


Jemiri jerked back as the half burned boy screamed incoherently at her. Her own scream echoed through the night as she scrambled back away from the boy. Tripping over her skirt she turned and ran, putting as much distance from her and the child.


In her mad flight from the horror she didn't notice the tall, armored woman as she skidded around the corner into the Mage district. She collided hard against the plate armor but before she could fall strong pale arms held her tightly.


"Women running into my arms just like every other ni-" The warrior's brow furrowed as she noticed Jemiri's startled expression. “Whoa, hey!” The woman exclaimed, “Whats wrong? Who are you?”


Jemiri looked up into the glowing eyes of another draenai woman. The woman's strong features frowning with concern. Jemiri's words caught in her throat as her panicked mind jumbled her words as she stammered.


“H-help! Need Rhianon! Saw s-something wro-...” Her voiced trailed off as her eyes rolled back into her head as panic pushed her into passing out.


The tall warrior sighed as she she hoisted Jemiri over one shoulder and rested a hand on her rear to keep her steady. As the warrior turned to head to an inn, her thoughts sounded over her mind link.


“Hey Rhianon? I think some lady wants to talk to you.”





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(( Ivi is just a chick

(( Ivi is just a chick magnet.))

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((So, when we were talking

((So, when we were talking about what Rhia sees as far as spirits, I completely forgot about this movie -- (note -- horror movie trailer, nothing graphic except a brief image ofof a guy disfigured by a gunshot to the head, but not for people who dislike the genre)    Except for the part where the girl in the movie gets these experiences because she had a cornea transplant from a seer/witch, I thought it gave a pretty good feel for what Rhia's everyday life is like :p

Looks like Rhia has to help Jem learn to cope! I thought you did a really good job with the build-up to Jem's shock :D Very chilly