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[Gilberte] The Next Move

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Paxton watched, his arms crossed over his chest, as the messenger clad in Crusader regalia disappeared down the street. When the messenger had appeared at the door, he had been more than eager to let him in, hoping for news of another promotion or summons to an important meeting in Hearthglen. Well, there had been a summons alright, but not one that he was expecting.

He turned around and slammed the door behind him. His gaze fell on the letter bearing the seal of the Crusade and laying open on the table before him. Administrative leave. A meeting in Hearthglen to discuss the so-called “findings.” He walked over, picking up the letter again. He still couldn’t believe it. Who would have pieced together such accusations? He knew it couldn’t have been Gilberte; the Crusade would have never taken her complaint seriously, not with the shadow of a dishonorable discharge hanging over her reputation.

The offender’s name was in the last paragraph, buried under mentions of all the captains and officers who had heard the report. 

Rhiswyn Linder.

He hadn’t heard that name in years, but he still remembered the half-elven woman who claimed it. She had been a pest, that one. He had seen her work her wiles on most of the men in her path. She flattered them, seducing them with promises only to disappear into the crowd at the last moment. He had thought to play at her game, but reconsidered it after tasting some of her poison. Of course it was her; she probably heard some rumors and followed up on them, snake that she was. 

“Well,” he said under his breath, taking a seat at the table, “they always say that if you wish to stop a festering rot, you need to cut it out at the core.”

He pulled out a fresh sheet of parchment and penned a short letter.


You can imagine my surprise when I saw the report of your findings. What a great deal of effort you must have undertaken with that - sewing together all of those sorry rumors and lies. I think you will find that the reality is far more complicated than what you might have gleaned from those files. As you are well aware, women will say just about anything to get what they want.

If you would afford me the privilege, I would love to discuss this matter with you over dinner.  I am most eager to clear my reputation.

If you cannot accept at this time, please be aware that I will be inquiring again - however the next time, I may so stressed by these affairs that I may not be as gentlemanly. 

- Marcel Paxton

He slid the parchment into an envelope and sealed it with wax. He was already looking forward to dinner.


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((This guy, man. No one is

((This guy, man. No one is going to be sad when he is gone. You write -real- villains really well Rhia! He makes me sick reading about him! XD))

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

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(( I hope the Meddlers are

(( I hope the Meddlers are going to know where his shallow grave is going to be so we can make a tradition of dancing on it.))

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((I doubt theres going to be

((I doubt theres going to be enough left of him to bury!))

How would it end
If the truth was re-writable
Break with past
Whatever dreams you long for
I've seen what the future has in mind for me

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((Ivi, you made me spit out

((Ivi, you made me spit out my cheerios with laughter.

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((I have to hand it to you,

((I have to hand it to you, you really write a fantastic villain. I find what's really monstrous is his indignation about the whole goings on. I think the most horrifying thing about abuse from the outside looking in is just how alien the abuser seems.
Paxton is horrifying because he doesn't for a second doubt his actions, he's internalized and justified it all with a sickening sense of satisfaction.))

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((Not to mention there's no

((Not to mention there's no outside corruption. He's just a psycopath, who cares only about himself and doesn't understand that other people exist for reasons other than amusing him.))

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(( I still can't wait for an

(( I still can't wait for an excuse to have Tryggon spike his drink or to have Lu cleave him in half. As everyone's said, well-written and gorgeous villain, but my favorite part of any story is when the good guys hand the bad guys their generous butts on a silver platter.))

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(( Jormund is clearly not

(( Jormund is clearly not amused XDD Blood elves being recruited in the dragoons and now THIS? Paxton has to be thankful he doesn´t own a car... )) 

"When there is a will there is a way"

"Lead? Me? Nope, no no no no. Bad things happen when I lead. People die and I appear somewhere in Horde territory... with no pants!"

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Rhiswyn's Reply


I'd love to have dinner. I'm sure we can find quite a bit to discuss about this terrible situation.

I look forward to seeing you, dear.


Rhiswyn Linder