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[Alynore] Shut Up

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I grew up fighting orcs and demons. I did my small part against the Scourge. I stood with my friends against rampaging elements, crazy cultists, and the end of the world. I finally learned to heal through the Sha, Zandalari, and Mogu.

I gave Venner advice to be honest, say what needed said to Gilly and her kid. I’m too scared to follow my own words when it comes to Wes.

I just have a bad feeling, the longer this war goes--like something worse is going to happen.

Speaking will change things. Maybe the status quo is good enough.


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(( Interesting.  Never would

(( Interesting.  Never would have figured her for the nervous type. ))

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((I think this sort of thing

((I think this sort of thing is the only thing she's nervous about. Besides water, but sadly there's no one that can force her to get through this one.))

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(( See, it's this attitude

(( See, it's this attitude that makes me shake my laptop and scream, "JUST KISS!!!" into the screen, and gets me kicked out of most libraries.

The moral of the story is, stop getting me kicked out of libraries!!!))