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Can We Just Skip to the Tea?

((This one's a bit more dialogue-heavy than my last two because it was done as a chat RP initially.


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Arkav took the week off work. He doubted many would care or notice, which was exactly what he wanted at this particular time of year. He’d spent weeks dreading Brewfest.

[Venner] Poker Night

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"I don't know how on Azeroth he does it," Llane said, riffling the deck of cards. "The man is implacable." Arkav just smiled, raking in his accumulated chips with one hand and taking a sip from his glass of milk with the other. Putting the glass down, he felt a sudden urgent tug at his belt, and turned to look in that direction.

A Start

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"Can I help?"

Master Krollos looked down. From Arkav’s perspective, he was a tower of blue, shiny with sweat as he pumped the bellows.

"Too small," the smith grunted, tail gently sweeping Ark aside as Krollos clopped back to the anvil.


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Arkav tried not to talk often at work. For one thing, Master Krollos had drilled into him focus and silence when at the anvil. All attention must be on the metal and crystal, not on “needless chatter.”

The other reason, of course, was his stutter. It was just difficult to get ideas across, or even just work with others. He was already non-dwarven, and refused to drink alcohol on top of that, so the stuttering only helped make him a target for the younger smiths’ teasing.


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Arkav stumbled out of the Stonefire Tavern, hands shaking enough that he couldn’t turn the ignition on his bike. He concentrated, sending a private call for help across the background chatter of the Link. It didn’t take long for the memories to intrude.

30 Day Character Challenge

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((Some of you know and have followed my tumblrs and the 30 Day Character Writing Challenge; little prompts to describe things about your character, or at least think about them more.


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He waited.

Why wasn’t she awake?