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Bad News Bear [T-Still]

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Was it a letter or through the comm? Maybe they'd actually sent someone to tell her in person? Her mind was fuzzy right now.

Sometimes All You Have Left...

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It was getting on toward midnight as a lone stone drake ghosted its way through the soft poofy clouds of the Valley of the Four

The Fantastic Henii/Shillan/Ivinara Wedding Blog Post Extraordinaire!

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(( So since we're doing the reception on Friday, I discussed it with Henii and we decided it would be good to go ahead and post the ceremony. This way everyone will have time to post their characters' reactions and know just all what went down when it's time to do the in game RP. Let Henii and Shillan have the first two posts so they can put up their parts before the other responses. Also, keep in mind that the contents of this post happen on Friday, December 20th. Enjoy!))