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[The Fireclaws] - Rule of Three

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(( Disclaimers: Violence, spoilery things for War Crimes and more Fireclaw than should be allowed. This is a bit of a joint project between myself and Linu. ))

[Lai-Ning]Fireclaws and Silverpaws

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Jun sprawled on her stomach, only half-awake. On the other side, Jia nudged Lai, whispering.
"Poke her. She’s falling asleep!"

[Lai-Ning]Sweet Dreams

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((Uhh...there's some kind of...gory stuff in here. Beware!))

[Jia / Wes]: Target In Sight

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"I'm sure you're fond of tipping over caravans and all, but you could've done that pretty easily without me," Wes grumbled, shooting a glance at the rogue he was partnered with. The worgen sounded a little extra-gruff, clearly annoyed. "It'd be a good deal less dangerous to wait until nightfall swings back around and get on with the real job, every time we ride out there to knock another one down is another chance we could screw up, get caught. THEN what?"

[Jia / Wes ]: A Dance of Blades and Bullets

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The walls of the Ratchet warehouse Jia had secreted herself away in didn't do much to dampen the booming report of the rifle outside. The explosive round it had launched was even faster.