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Nira Arin

[Nirahsa] Trying to Preserve Innocence

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I smiled brightly moving through Shattrath, Shannar was gone but I had to pick myself back up. For Shari if for no other reason, as both of us had lost so much in Shannar but we still had each other. Taking a few more steps towards my new dwelling for when I was in the city anyway. It was then that I heard the gleeful shout and saw the brief glimpse a blue hand waving about along with the white glimpses of her other hand set in a cast.

“Mom! Over here!”

[Nirahsa] The Past Returns

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Nirahsa slammed against the ground rolling as her side flared with pain after the bolt of Shadow energy had slammed into her. The Orcish warlock let out a chuckle watching the tinkerer gasp, gripping her side Nira slowly pushed herself up.

“No wonder your kind screams so pathetically when they die, everything about your race is weak. Running and hiding trying to take over from the shadows, never expecting the shadows would be your end,” The Warlock stated with a tusky self-satisfied grin.

[Nirahsa] Shattering Scream

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Nirahsa couldn’t help but feel unsettled, something in the vale just felt off today. Her mind couldn’t place it, everything looked the same. The sounds were quieter, like the local wildlife had gone or was just choosing to remain silent. Nira wasn’t a druid nor much of an animal person so she had no clue if it was serious. Whatever it was it only succeeded in making a pit in her stomach.