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Strive to be Better

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“Go away!” Nirahsa screamed as a massive stream of bolts arced down from the inky black abyss above, completely enveloping Asharin with a thunderous boom. As the flash cleared, Asharin while looking scorched still stood.

“I WON’T BE IGNORED!” Asharin shouted back at the shaman while stomping her hoof into the ground, rocky spikes shot out of the black below to impale Nira, causing her to cry out briefly. As they crumbled away however she stumbled and remained standing despite looking bloody from the blow.

Me, Myself and Vasily

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((With Drogar Co-writing.))

“How many more times must we have these little talks?” Other Nira asked while crossing her arms and looking over at Vasily who sat calmly with that ever present friendly smile as his own eyes regarded her.

“As many that are necessary of course,” Vasily was rather cheery in his response, “You do seem to be making some progress, at least on the surface.”

“You already know I’m not going to turn around and declare my love for the Orcs Vasily,” She kept her arms crossed while putting on an aura of calm indifference to the priest. However her posture was rather tense giving clear indication that she was not nearly as collected as she tried to put forth.

Putting Her Hoof Down

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To Sir Dolraan and Commander Forrester:

Enough is enough.

Chat Between Friends

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Vasily smiled warmly across the table with his hands clasped, a hot drink sat in front of him as well as in front of Nirahsa. Though she wasn’t touching it at all, instead the shaman seemed to actually be, glaring at the priest. This was the Other Nira, having been coaxed out by Vasily through several methods, a fact that she didn’t seem to pleased about. The tinkerer’s trademark goggles were resting on her forehead.


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((If I messed up on anything concerning Vasily let me know Drogar.))

Nirahsa leaned against a nearby table to catch her breath, the gentle illumination of the Exodar’s crystals beamed down upon her. She still wasn’t quite at one hundred percent again, but she had been cleared to at least start moving around again but given explicit instructions to not do any intensive labor or magicking. Doctor’s orders that she would follow, since there were small things she could tinker with not to mention the shaman just wanted to stop feeling, drained and sore as soon as possible.

[Nirahsa] Mending Broken Fragments

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((Hopefully this bit makes sense, really wanted to include the elemental familiars so I'm hoping they don't feel too forced.))

“What’s your name girl,” The dark skinned man asked gruffly even as his fingers ran through his beard eyeing the tall stranger in front of him. Most of Nirahsa’s skin lay hidden behind armor including her face which was obscured by a helm and cloth mask covering the lower portion of her face. Only her soft glowing eyes could be seen, eyes that looked vengeful and hurt at the same time.

“Name unimportant, yes yes,” She replied back in broken common while glancing around warily, the winds of hellfire peninsula picked up a moment tossing more red sand in the air. It was just her, the human and his small like-minded escort. The small fat one was supposedly called a dwarf, but just looked like a human that’d been sat on by an elekk to her.