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Tongue Tied

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She must have dozed off, lying across Wesley’s draconic neck and shoulders after leaving the faire and relaxing together by Olivia’s Pond, the city lights blocked by hills and rustling trees. It was a lovely autumn night off, and for both of them at the same time.

He gently woke her as they landed in front of the apartment. “I blame the Darkmoon Reserve,” Nore muttered. He chuckled, shifting from stone drake to worgen, offering her an arm to lean on as they went upstairs.


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“So there we were, fighting a few orcs. One of them cracked his axe against my head. Broke my goggles; I felt the enchants just melt. I got knocked to the ground, cuz ow. Axe came back down, I rolled out of the way, felt something go THUNK and come loose and for a minute thought I'd lost part of my skull and hadn't realized it yet. Nope; just my hair.” Alynore took a swig of her drink, listening to the music in the Blue Recluse.

End Pause

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Who could have expected dragons to pull off such a stunt? Working with the tattered remnants of the Dragonmaw?

Paladin vs Undead

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The dead should stay dead.

Waiting Game

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Alynore probably shouldn’t have drank the whole bottle herself.

Nore took a few pills with a generous swig of water, hoping the pounding in her skull would soon abate. She doubted it, considering it wasn’t all alcohol related.

Hilltop Ruminations

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Alynore sat on a small hill on the edge of the Halfhill farm, trying to meditate. Instead, she thought up responses to questions asked earlier, all those things one wishes had been said in the hot moment.

A Brother's Call

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((So, Jormund sent me a writing prompt on tumblr ("How did you get in here?") and somehow it tangled up with the plot ideas percolating in my brain the last few weeks, so I'm going to toss it up and see what happens.))

The door to her apartment was ajar. Nore frowned and touched the blue button on her bracer, summoning her heavy armor. Wes wasn't in the city so it couldn't be him. As she stalked closer to the door it opened, revealing a semi-familiar face. They stood and blinked at each other for a moment.

“Jeck? How did you get in here?” She demanded.

Family Matters

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((Technically happened two months ago, but it's been a bear to write. I have plot ideas though that may use this as background, so up it goes regardless.))

Alynore made the climb from the bustle of Lower City to Kamron’s apartment. A group of skinny brown orc youths paused their guttural conversation to watch the human woman as she stopped at the old soldier’s door. She knocked, counting the seconds to an answer.


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Evening in Cathedral Square was clear and crisp as Nore left the Dragoon office. Her green, white, and red holiday sweater made her back and arms itch as she thought over the party.

A Most Important Appointment

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“You drink from dis cup,” Annelise ordered. The tea that her mother had provided slopped over the edge of the toy mug and onto Nore’s pants.

30 Day Character Challenge

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((Some of you know and have followed my tumblrs and the 30 Day Character Writing Challenge; little prompts to describe things about your character, or at least think about them more.


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“Are you certain you wish to do this, child?” Varduun asked as he drew his elekk to a halt, letting Alynore slide off first. Her boots landed in the omnipresent red dust of Hellfire Peninsula, kicking up a cloud that the constant wind dashed away.


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Charging into combat to bring the Light’s justice on enemies wasn’t hard. Heart-pounding and scary at times, but not hard to make herself do. Sometimes it was terrifyingly too easy a solution.

Reacting to an enemy threat or a danger, or someone bringing harm to her friends, that wasn’t hard, either. Nore could lash out too quickly, when her temper ignited. She fit the redhead stereotype that way.


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Alynore hammered on the door, waiting. She heard movement inside, and muffled voices. Finally, Rhiswyn opened the door, plucking at her silk robe. “Commander?”

Patron Familias (Part Three)

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((Continued from Part 1 and Part 2))

Stormwind, Mallorey Estate
Alynore finally gets back to Stormwind via portals and makes her way to the Mallorey manor, Venner's notes and Elsbeth's old journal stuck in her bag. She’s still in civilian clothes as she hammers on the door. It opens immediately. “Good evening, Commander,” the doorman says. “His Lordship is expecting you. If you will follow me.”