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Patron Familias (Part Two)

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((Continuing from Part 1))

The ghost cackles and screams. Nore's shield slams into one of the apparitions while her sword cuts through the ship's ectoplasmic hull. She grins and swings again, Light arcing off her weapons and reflecting on her armor.

Then her commstone beeps.

Patron Familias (Part One)

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Llane Venner knocks on the front door of the Mallorey estate, shifting his weight from side to side.

The Experimenter

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Alynore pulled off her gloves and rubbed her eyes. The day had been long, and tomorrow wasn’t going to be any shorter. She washed off soot and grease, her brain turning over to try and figure out what, exactly, she was doing wrong when it came to adjusting that old data core to accept simple vocal commands.