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The Overlook

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Just when I thought Draenor had no other changes. Freaking Botani.

The mages' enraged, pained screams will stick in my head awhile.

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Final*

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When the Iron Horde had first made landfall, Shenrel and other druids had been sent to the frontlines immediately.

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Part II*

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“…and less than half the crew survived.”

Beginnings, Ill-Omens, and Boats *Part I*

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“What do you mean it’s not here?”

Tongue Tied

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She must have dozed off, lying across Wesley’s draconic neck and shoulders after leaving the faire and relaxing together by Olivia’s Pond, the city lights blocked by hills and rustling trees. It was a lovely autumn night off, and for both of them at the same time.

He gently woke her as they landed in front of the apartment. “I blame the Darkmoon Reserve,” Nore muttered. He chuckled, shifting from stone drake to worgen, offering her an arm to lean on as they went upstairs.

Good Dreams

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NIrahsa smiled to herself as she peered over the schematic she’d been looking over. Goggles atop her forehead so she could better watch Shari and Dacianna just a short distance away. She’d been so happy when Daci had let her and Shari stay with her. The vindicator despite her stoic duty driven exterior had opened her heart and home to the two in their time of need. Her home however was far too small for them to stay for long but it kept a roof over their heads for a short time.


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Alynore hammered on the door, waiting. She heard movement inside, and muffled voices. Finally, Rhiswyn opened the door, plucking at her silk robe. “Commander?”

Patron Familias (Part Three)

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((Continued from Part 1 and Part 2))

Stormwind, Mallorey Estate
Alynore finally gets back to Stormwind via portals and makes her way to the Mallorey manor, Venner's notes and Elsbeth's old journal stuck in her bag. She’s still in civilian clothes as she hammers on the door. It opens immediately. “Good evening, Commander,” the doorman says. “His Lordship is expecting you. If you will follow me.”