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A Witch's Spellbook

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(This is the story thread for October Strangewayes, played by Cerwis. All her writing.)


Records: Nelenna Kaltrone

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Nelenna's Trial 6-21 (mature content)

((Since some folks

Records: Giulietta Rossini

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Traitor in Our Midst

((Posted 6/25/11 by Giulietta))

Records: Mause

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Walk Into the Light; A Story of a Death Knight

((Posted 8/4/12 by Mause))

A nondescript leather bound book

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((Posted 1/13/12 by Lucryta))

Kiee's Green Wolf Book

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A plain black book, with a strong lock

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((Posted by Kaliciti 12/6/11))

Records: Drust Pryderi

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((Posted 6/25/11 by DrustPryderi))


Records: Savas Earthwarder

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Spiritual Light - Collected Writings Concerning Savas the Earthwarder

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Records: Misc Dragoons

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((An archive thread for very short, random, one-off posts from various members in the past.))

Records: Thelda Cordell

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((Posted by TheldaCordell 1/13/2007))

Family Matters

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((Technically happened two months ago, but it's been a bear to write. I have plot ideas though that may use this as background, so up it goes regardless.))

Alynore made the climb from the bustle of Lower City to Kamron’s apartment. A group of skinny brown orc youths paused their guttural conversation to watch the human woman as she stopped at the old soldier’s door. She knocked, counting the seconds to an answer.

Patron Familias (Part Three)

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((Continued from Part 1 and Part 2))

Stormwind, Mallorey Estate
Alynore finally gets back to Stormwind via portals and makes her way to the Mallorey manor, Venner's notes and Elsbeth's old journal stuck in her bag. She’s still in civilian clothes as she hammers on the door. It opens immediately. “Good evening, Commander,” the doorman says. “His Lordship is expecting you. If you will follow me.”