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The Silver Dragoons

Waiting Game

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Alynore probably shouldn’t have drank the whole bottle herself.

Nore took a few pills with a generous swig of water, hoping the pounding in her skull would soon abate. She doubted it, considering it wasn’t all alcohol related.


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Charging into combat to bring the Light’s justice on enemies wasn’t hard. Heart-pounding and scary at times, but not hard to make herself do. Sometimes it was terrifyingly too easy a solution.

Reacting to an enemy threat or a danger, or someone bringing harm to her friends, that wasn’t hard, either. Nore could lash out too quickly, when her temper ignited. She fit the redhead stereotype that way.


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Alynore hammered on the door, waiting. She heard movement inside, and muffled voices. Finally, Rhiswyn opened the door, plucking at her silk robe. “Commander?”